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InnoLas Solutions - Split Axis Machine - EXPEGO

Versatile laser system for micro material processing

EXPEGO is a laser processing workstation designed for high-precision applications in the electronic, precision engineering, and photovoltaic industries. It is mainly used for microvia drilling, cutting (routing), structuring and cavity formation in PCBs with typical dimensions as 610 x 460 mm and 635 x 540 mm.

Technical specifications

Applications Micro Via Drilling, Routing, Depaneling, Micro Structuring,
Selective Ablation, Cavity Formation
Accuracy < +/-10 μm abs.
< +/-2 μm repeatability
Substrates Dimension up to 29.5” x 25” (750 mm x 635 mm)
Rigid-, flex-PCBs, ceramic, glass and advanced materials
Available laser sources Wavelength: 9.4, 10.6 μm (CO2), 1064, 1030, 532, 515,
355 nm
Pulse: μs, ns, ps, fs
Dimensions 1750 x 2200 x 2600 mm

Key features

  • Ultra fast laser technology
  • Single or dual process head setup
  • In-situ scanner calibration
  • Double table option
  • Processing one or more substrates in parallel
  • Automatic laser to camera offset calibration
  • Automated process controls
  • Automated vision system for precision alignment and scaling, offset, trapezoidal and rotation compensation
  • Stand alone or production line integrated system
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
InnoLas SolutionsInnoLas Solutions was founded in October 2013 as a demerger of InnoLas PV and electronic business and looks back on over 20 years experience in laser technology. A team of laser specialists develops customer specific applications in our lab. Furthermore we adapt these laser processes to the challenges of today‘s production requirements.
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