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InnoLas Solutions - Split Axis Machine - ULTAGO

Powerful laser system for micro material processing

ULTAGO is a powerful laser processing workstation designed for high-precision applications in the photovoltaic, precision engineering, and electronic industries. It achieves maximum throughput for solar cells or ceramic substrates and is used in high-volume production environments. Different from linear table machines, in the turntable machine loading, unloading, alignment, as well as laser processing are carried out in parallel in order to reach optimum productivity.

Technical specifications

Applications Laser Contact Opening for PERC, Laser Doped Selective
Emitter, Front side LCO, Laser Direct Cleaving, various
applications in electronics processing
Accuracy < +/-35 μm (1 sigma)
< +/-10 μm optionally
< +/-2 μm repeatability
Substrate Dimension up to 161 x 161 mm
Thickness > 100 μm
mono or poly crystalline silicon square/ pseudo square,
ceramic, PCB
Available laser sources Wavelength: 1064, 1030, 532, 515, 355 nm
Pulse: μs, ns, ps, fs
Throughput 4000 wafer per hour

Key features

  • Single or dual scanner setup
  • Automatic camera calibration
  • Automated routines for reference runs
  • Automated process control
  • Stand alone and production line integrated systems
  • 3-, 5- or even 8-Point alignment methods available (wafer edges or fiducials)

InnoLas Solutions ILS TT for PERC

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
InnoLas SolutionsInnoLas Solutions was founded in October 2013 as a demerger of InnoLas PV and electronic business and looks back on over 20 years experience in laser technology. A team of laser specialists develops customer specific applications in our lab. Furthermore we adapt these laser processes to the challenges of today‘s production requirements.