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KOPEL - Cell setter - KSJ-026

The KOPEL KSJ-026 cell setter employs a self-alignment mechanism that enables high accuracy of ±0.05 mm to ensure stable probing of PV cells to be measured, thus achieving high repeatability of the measured data.

It is mounted with two dial gauges to precisely set and control the contact pressure of probe pins. In addition, the KSJ-026 cell setter is provided with a cell vacuum contact function and cell temperature control function to easily reproduce measurement conditions and stabilize the FF values.


  • Two dial gauges that allow precise setting and control of the contact pressure of the probe pins, thus enabling easy reproduction of the measurement conditions 
  • A cell alignment mechanism with high accuracy of ±0.05 mm that ensures stability of the parallelism for probing and stable reproduction of the measurement conditions 
  • A probe bar with a very thin but strong bar structure to minimize the shadow of the bar created by the simulated sunlight *1)
  • Use of the four-wire, low-resistance measurement
  • Highly durable probe pins capable of withstanding at least 1 million contacts 
  • A cell sample plate that can circulate water at temperatures ranging from 10 to 80˚C, thus allowing evaluation of the cell temperature characteristics *2) 
  • A top-opening design for easy loading/unloading of PV cells 
  • Probing of each cell can be completed with a single action 
  • A cell vacuum contact function is provided as a standard feature *3) 
  • A thermocouple for measuring cell temperature is provided as a standard feature 
  • A Pt100 sensor is provided to measure the temperature of cell sample plate as a standard feature 
  • Top/bottom probe available for 2, 3, and 4 bus bars 
  • Supported sizes of the cells to be measured: 50-mm square through 4-, 5-, and 6-inch square 
  • Sample plate height of 170 mm, adjustable within approx. 30 mm 
  1. The thickness of the standard probe bar is 1.5 mm. The probe bar with a thickness of 0.5 mm is available as an option. 
  2. The water circulation unit is available as an option. 
  3. The vacuum pump is available as an option. 

For further information, we invite you to contact us and have a look on the catalog, here attached.

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