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KOPEL - Measuring Unit - KST Series IV

The light-weight, compact KOPEL KST Series 15A IV measuring unit is available in two models: the KST-P15Ce standard model, and the KST-P15HC2 which is specially designed for high-efficiency PV cells.

Both models can be connected to and controlled by the PC mounted with a high-performance IV measurement program developed by KOPEL.

Models KST-P15Ce and KST-P15HC2 are incorporated, respectively, into the KOPEL KSX-1000 high-performance solar cell test system and the KSX-3000H high-efficiency solar cell test system.

KST-P15HC2 features:

  • Co-developed with the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology
  • Conforms to IEC 60904-1, JIS C 8913
  • Compact design incorporating a bias power supply, IV measurement, and PC communication modules
  • Allows high-speed IV measurement of high-efficiency cells including HIT® with a short-pulse light of 50 ms (instead of the usually required radiation of 1000 ms)
  • Allows measurement of a maximum voltage of ±2 V
  • Sweep directions are selectable
  • High-speed sampling within a measurement accuracy of ±0.2% FS
  • Accurate, high-speed measurement of Isc and Voc at 100 µs/point each
  • Combined with a solar simulator, the built-in self-check function allows accurate measurement of dark current
  • Cell classification function, provided as a standard feature, allows classification of up to 16 ratings (More than 16 classes available as an option)
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  • Energy
KOPELKyoshin Electric Co., Ltd., develops and manufactures a series of leading-edge optoelectronics products as KOPEL brand in a global scale. Leveraging the New PV Measurement Technology “KOPEL Method,” the KSX-2012HM Solar Module Test System and the KSX-3000H Solar Cell Test System are exclusively designed to test high-efficiency PVs such as HIT® or PERC® cells.
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