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Scia Systems - Ion Beam Trimming - scia Trim 200

The scia Trim 200 is designed for high precision film thickness trimming in wafer processing. Typical applications of the system are frequency and thickness trimming in manufacturing of acousto-electrical devices and filters such as bulk acoustic wave (BAW) or surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices, localized pole trimming for thin film heads (TFH) and trimming of precision thin film resistors.

The scia Trim 200 is a high volume production system and accommodates a standard semiconductor cassette handling robot. Cluster tools with two process chambers and two cassette load-locks are available.

Technical Data
Substrate diameter Up to 200 mm
Substrate Holder Water cooled, helium backside cooling contact, Substrate rotation 5 to 20 rpm, Tiltable in-situ from 0° till 170° in 0.1° steps
Ion Beam Source Circular RF ion beam source RF350‑e
Neutralizer Plasma bridge neutralizer N‑RF
Typical removal rates SiO2: 20 nm/min; TiW: 12 nm/min; Cu: 24 nm/min
Uniformity variation ≤ 2.0 %
Base pressure < 1 x 10-6 mbar
System dimensions (W x D x H) 2.70 m x 1.50 m x 2.40 m (without electrical rack and pumps)
Tool configurations Single wafer load-lock, Cluster system with cassette handling
Software interfaces SECS II / GEM
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Scia SystemsManufacturer of advanced ion beam and plasma processing systems, scia Systems established itself in a very short time on the worldwide market. Products are dedicated to the industry of Microelectronics, MEMS and precision optical manufacturing : etching, trimming, sputtering systems.
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