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A Century of Empowering Businesses to Expand Their Presence in Malaysia Listen with ReadSpeaker

For over a century, DKSH Malaysia has ridden through economic uncertainties, infrastructure challenges, and evolving consumer behaviors to maintain its stature as the market’s preferred partner for companies expanding their presence in Malaysia.

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DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services provider for companies who want to grow their business in Malaysia. We provide our partners with sound expertise, on-the-ground logistics, and tailor-made services to large and small and medium-sized companies. We offer more than 170 clients and 14,000 customers a comprehensive portfolio of services along the value chain in the fields of consumer goods, healthcare, performance materials, and technology.

Going Strong After a Century of Market Expansion Services in Malaysia

For more than a century, DKSH Malaysia has remained steadfast in our commitment to enriching people’s lives. Our enduring legacy is founded on a hundred years of pioneering solutions, empowering businesses to flourish and excel in an ever-changing marketplace.

Sandeep Tewari, Head Country Management, DKSH Malaysia