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Customizing Solutions for Forensic Lab Instrument Challenges in Laos Listen with ReadSpeaker

Amid challenges in grasping the technicalities of high-quality forensic lab instruments, DKSH swiftly delivered customized solutions for our customers' operational requirements, ensuring seamless efficiency in their forensic lab.

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The Ministry of Public Security's Forensic Police Department of Laos leverages advanced forensic science to uphold justice and ensure a safer future through meticulous analyses and an unwavering commitment to excellence.

Forensics Laos

The Agilent GC TCD, Resolve Handheld Raman Analyzer, and LCMS supplied by DKSH have significantly improved our forensics team’s capabilities for analyzing and identifying different drugs. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with the performance of these instruments and the Agilent solutions provided by DKSH.

Major Boutsada Inthasan, Deputy Head of Chemical-Biological Examination Division, Forensic Police Department