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Rescuing Lost Food in Malaysia Listen with ReadSpeaker

For more than five years, DKSH has been collaborating with The Lost Food Project to tackle food insecurity in Malaysia. The result: less food wastage and more people having food on their tables.

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The Lost Food Project is a non-profit organization in Malaysia dedicated to a sustainable future by rescuing quality, surplus food from going to landfill, and redistributing the food to more than 60 charities, soup kitchens, and numerous underprivileged communities who live below the poverty line.

Rescuing Lost Food in Malaysia

Malaysians are still throwing away plenty of edible food daily, while some in the community are still going to bed hungry. We hope that through collaborations like this one with DKSH, we can all work together to create a more sustainable future.

Tuan Haji Ab Wahab Bin Long, CEO, The Lost Food Project