We develop cutting-edge products and formulations from our network of 53 state-of-the-art innovation centers located worldwide. We generate ideas, ensure compliance and provide technical training to increase your market coverage. You benefit from a range of tailor-made solutions that reduce time to market and increase competitive advantage. 

Core competences
Our core competences in innovation

Core competences

Our core competences include: 

  1. Combining chemistry, art and commercial services
  2. Technical brainstorming and tailor-made solutions
  3. Idea generation and conceptualization
  4. Formulation development, customization and duplication
  5. Standard specification test that complies with local and global formulations
  6. Product demonstrations
  7. Troubleshooting and cost improvement
  8. Hands-on technical training
Technical expertise

Technical expertise

People are our key asset. Our highly skilled technologists are experienced in formulation development and application techniques. They think outside the box to create new concepts that support your needs. In collaboration with our sourcing and marketing intelligence specialists, our innovation centers replicate emerging trends and customize them to local markets. 

Our sales force, who come from chemistry backgrounds, receive hands-on training in new technologies. Equipped with this know-how, they work with you to identify solutions to production issues or find new opportunities and uses for chemicals, ingredients and formulations. 

Our network extends beyond our innovation centers as we maintain close connections with our clients’ R&D specialists. What we learn from our strategic partners, we pass on to you. 



Our innovation centers are strictly controlled, state-of-the-art facilities housing the latest high-end equipment to achieve outstanding results. We are fully enabled to meet local and international specifications, match local procedures and adhere to global standards. Compliance is one of our highest priorities.

From our innovation centers, our specialists demonstrate concepts and jointly develop solutions with business partners. Our goal is to improve results, find cost effective solutions and create new inroads through our experiences and shared learnings. 

Our innovation centers are strategically located to support our customers and sales force in local markets. They have specific areas of expertise from automotive and wood coatings to color cosmetics, from pharmaceutical color coatings to beverage innovation.

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Why partner with us? Nine reasons why we are the right company to partner with

  • Local

    We act as a local company, speaking the local language and adapting to local needs.

  • Entrepreneurial

    Within the Group, we operate like small and medium-sized enterprises with entrepreneurial spirit and fast decision-making.

  • Expertise

    Our managers, from sales positions and with backgrounds in chemistry, food technology, personal care and pharmaceuticals truly understand your business.

  • Innovation

    We go beyond selling, we create solutions and innovations to improve formulations and provide cost advantages.

  • People are our key asset: we respect and care about them. We grow together!

  • Excellence

    We are never satisfied with where we are; we always strive for excellence.

  • Relationships

    We know your needs. We are close to our clients and customers at all levels of their organization.

  • Values

    We partner with companies that share the same approach and values.

  • Transparency

    We are transparent with our partners.