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After-sales servicesServicing throughout the entire lifespan of your product

DKSH after-sales services

We offer you:

  • A broad range of after-sales services and support ensuring top-quality standards, fast problem resolution and the ability to establish a positive product experience 
  • Expertly trained teams providing customer service, repairs and maintenance, on-the-spot training and know-how transfer

Learn more about the services we offer in your sector:

If your sector is not featured here, contact us to see how we can help you.

Success stories

  • First halal testing labs for Philippines

    As the Philippines government look to establish stringent halal standards and certification systems to safeguard the interest of Muslim consumers in the country, DKSH was tasked to set up the nation’s first halal testing laboratories.

  • Breakthrough expansion while keeping it authentic

    RATIONAL’s combination ovens deliver perfectly on both food quality and reliability for supercenter retail chain’s take-out food section in Thailand.

  • Successfully flowing into new market segments

    Novasina shows that by working with the right business partner, an established market leader in one segment can excel by expanding into another business segment.

  • Hans Laser 2D laser cutter

    Expanding into ASEAN with laser precision

    DKSH helps Asia’s largest laser processing equipment manufacturer to build its footprint in Malaysia and grow its presence in ASEAN.

  • Providing high-tech solutions for ultra-precision machining

    One of the industries SMT would like to focus on is the aerospace and aviation industry. The equipment manufacturing processes require extremely high-precision machining and finishing, despite the materials being even more difficult to manipulate than titanium alloy, due to their light weight and de-forming attributes.