In July 2020, two DKSH Business Lines, FMCG – Food Services and Gourmet Fine Foods, were integrated into Food Services. This restructure has successfully leveraged our resources and talents, expanded our value-added services, deepened penetration into the targeted channels and catered to the rapidly growing industry in the Hong Kong and Macau markets.

DKSH offers an extensive product portfolio and a broader customer base. Our finest selections of semi-finished pastry and dairy ingredients, meat and seafood products to ready-to-use table condiments reach the food services channels, including hotels, clubs, quick serving restaurants, bakeries, coffee shops, tea houses, hospitals, restaurants, caterers, airline caterers and many more.

Through synergies, we inspire creations, amplify growth and redefine our clients' and customers' brands in Asia and beyond. For more exclusives on Food Services homepage, click here.

What DKSH can do for you Trusted partner for companies in the food services channel

We represent over 50 clients from semi-finished ingredients to ready-to-use products, such as couverture, whipping cream, butter, cream cheese, frozen fruit puree, to oats, breakfast cereals and bottled mayonnaise. Our expertise covers distribution and logistics as well as marketing and sales to grow our clients’ and customers’ businesses.

Our professional partnership approach includes:

  • digital platform with direct linkage to all partners’ information and  product information
  • online ordering platform and e-catalogue, offering 24/7 services to our customers 
  • working with appointed ambassador and have established DKSH Gourmet Academy in Hong Kong 
  • a professional partnership approach with customer and clients, ensure correct application with customized in-house training and recipes
  • a team of experienced specialists with a solution-provided selling approach

Reliable infrastructure backbone
Our temperature-controlled distribution facilities in Hong Kong and Macau ensure that all ingredients with various storage temperature demand are preserved in the most professional means and delivered from our clients to our customers. Headquartered and publicly listed in Switzerland, we have the scale and leverage to grow your business while ensuring maximum cost-efficiency.

DKSH has managed Emborg’s a good start for our new products when we announced our cooperation in 2019. Since then, we enjoy the good and open relationship, constant exchanges and fast follow-up with DKSH. DKSH is professional with its good track record in the Creams industry in HK. We are happy to have DKSH as our trusted partner to grow our business together. Emborg is adding more products, expanding our brand appearance and growing our engagement in Hong Kong.

Anders Bille, Country Manager - North East Asia, Emborg

Key facts about DKSH in Food Services

Our business explained in a few facts.

Serving the HORECA channel in Hong Kong and Macau

Representing over 50 clients and working with appointed ambassadors.

Own technical advisor and Gourmet Academy in Hong Kong.

Temperature controlled distribution centers in Hong Kong and Macau.