In closing our 2020, DKSH Hong Kong proudly announces our engagement with the Hong Kong Red Cross's (HKRC) Pass-it-On campaign. Tagged with "Love & Found", the campaign will continue with its 18 years of tradition to feature its mascot, Reddie Bear, branded tokens for the charity sale.

Signed up as one of the campaign's Benevolent Companies, we will launch a series of events, including charity sale counter, CMT tour, and clients and customers promotions to expand our coverage of the good deed. Stay tuned to the event schedule below or the Fantree Portal calendar to give your support to those in needs.

Now, we invite you to join hands with us to share the love to our communities. Shop for your favourite Reddie Bear tokens below for yourself and loved ones or even better, donate them to the underprivileged communities through Hong Kong Red Cross network. (Reddie Bear Infinity Backpack is the designated donation token.) Simply fill in the form below and our team will get in touch with you about the arrangement. 

Social responsibility is never our propaganda, but the unique DKSH gene. Let's join hands to send our love to the communities.