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Multi-channel Automatic Gas Monitoring System New Model Released

Significant brush-up of sensors improved accuracy and operability

Since Fermograph II was developed over 20 years ago, it is designed using the sensors, components, and software selected at the time. In some cases, some of these parts have already been discontinued, or their accuracy and stability are inadequate at the current state of the art.

Fermograph III has renewed all components and uses the latest parts such as sensors built into medical devices used for COVID- 19 patients, so measurement accuracy, stability and reproducibility are improved compared to conventional products.

  • Advanced sensors and design improve accuracy
  • Remodeled manometers for easy draining and cleaning
  • Easy connection of tubes with one-touch joint
  • Easy check of water level in manometer by LED

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Technical Specifications

Model WSF-2000MH-10W WSF-2000MH-20W
Method Liquid-gas displacement, pressure sensing using manometers / sensors are temperature compensation type Liquid-gas displacement, pressure sensing using manometers / sensors are temperature compensation type
I/O USB-Serial USB-Serial
Total channels 1~10 (1~5 in gas retention measurement) 1~20 (1~10 in gas retention measurement)
Resolution Approx. 0.2mL (0.4mg as CO2 mass) Approx. 0.2mL (0.4mg as CO2 mass)
Accuracy ‡2% ‡2%
Sample weight 20g (Flour basis/about 30~40g of dough) AC 100V#10V, 50/60Hz, 72VA (AC Adaptor × 2)
Sample bottle Vol. 225mL (20q flour basis) 225mL (20q flour basis)
Power supply AC 100V‡10V, 50/60Hz, 36VA (AC Adaptor) Available at 95%H of humidity (Usable in CO2 incubator.)
Dimension 503mm (W) x152mm (D) ×396mm (H) 503mm (W) x152mm (D) ×396mm (H) ×2 units
Mass 10kg 20kg

View the entire technical specifications in the brochure.

Key Features

  • Simultaneous measurement of gas production up to 20 samples
  • Measure total gas generation, gas production per hour (gas increase, gas production rate), gas quantity produced in the dough, etc.
  • In addition to bread dough, it can also continuously measure for more than a few days such as sake, yeast culture solution, bioethanol production medium, etc.
  • Measure samples that produce gas in a short period of time, like baking powder.
  • Data correction by environmental temperature with a temperature sensor in the device

How to use WSF-2000MH Fermentation System

The Fermentograph is a measuring device used to quantify the amount of gas produced during microbial fermentation and similar processes. The Fermentograph III, a successor model endorsed by the Japan Yeast Industry Association for the "Bread Yeast Testing Method," can automatically measure gas production for up to 20 samples simultaneously and in parallel. This device is valuable for evaluating the fermentation ability of microbial yeast, as well as assessing media/dough composition and fermentation conditions. It finds applications in breeding, development, quality control, and other areas.

  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Education & Academics
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
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