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Automated recipe dispensing system

Datacolor automated dispensing system dispenses a wide range of solutions for textile exhaust and continuous dyeing, textile Autolab® Laboratory Dispenser Series gives you the speed, precision and flexibility to provide accurate and repeatable recipes.

Available models

Autolab SPS – An invaluable companion product to the Autolab dispenser for ensuring solution accuracy.


Technical specifications


  • Hot water tank, 15L capacity with automatic refill
  • Automatic water heater with programmable temperature controller
  • Cold water tank, 5L capacity with automatic refill
  • Additional manual controls for all dispense valves
  • Precise electronic balance with 0.01g or 0.001gr. readability (SPS-X Model)
  • Separate 6-position mixer station for mixing of solutions during preparation


  • User friendly Windows based software
  • True multi-tasking capabilities
  • Dyestuff and auxiliary data management
  • User configurable Solution Making Parameters
  • Management of stored multi-step processes
  • Dye solution management and stock control reporting
  • Semi-automatic and interactive solution making
  • Direct water dispensing, accurately controlled
  • Solution maker hardware diagnostic programs

Autolab TF – Accurate dye recipes dispensed quickly, guaranteeing optimized lab productivity & elimination of costly re-dyes resulting from operator errors.


Technical specifications


  • Full Gravimetric Dispensing System
  • Models available in 40, 80, 120, or 160 Solution bottles.
  • Models 88, 128, and 168 offer a tray feeding conveyor system for continuous dispensing and 7 self-refilling chemical auxiliary bottles
  • Individual Dispense Injectors for each solution
  • Average dispense time for (6 recipes : 3 dyes, 180 cc total volume) is 6 minutes.
  • Accuracy of dispense (gravimetric) ± +/- 0.02 gr.
  • Dispense range (kg) 0-4.0Kg
  • Higher dispense weights available with specialized scale.
  • Dispense controlled by robotic X-Y-Z axis mechanism
  • Precise electronic scales with 0.01 gr. readability
  • Dyepots trays for dispensing recipes (holding up to 6 dyepots)
  • Auto-dilution feature to make lower concentration of same dyestuffs
  • Dispense accuracy of 0.02 grams
  • Automatic solution bottle agitation, with speed, interval and direction control
  • PC/PLC controlled
  • Complete suite of windows based dispenser manager software


  • User friendly Windows based software
  • Graphical data information display, easy to read and understand
  • User-definable fields
  • Stock solution management (including life time and stock levels)
  • Full recipe management (including multiple recipe dispense trials, blend recipe handling, master recipe storage and completion function)
  • Job queuing, including emergency recipe priority dispense function
  • Capability of automatic pre-programmed advanced start dispense function
  • Full batch tracking, providing total traceability of results
  • Full function hardware diagnostics – easy to diagnose and locate any potential problems
  • Real-time status display – the current status and operating conditions of the system is displayed on screen at all times
  • Integration with DCIMatch™, Datamatch™, and ITMProcess™ for automatic transfer of recipes to lab dispenser
  • Multi-format data import/export capabilities
  • Software available in different languages

Key features

Wide range of solution bottle options that meet the needs of every dye lab. System can virtually run non-stop thanks to auto-feeding conveyor systems. State-of-the-art robotic X-Y-Z mechanism delivers fast, reliable and precise results. Effectiveness of the system is enhanced through specially designed “calibration-free” injectors, dispensing water and chemicals into more than one dye pot simultaneously.

Datacolor Autolab can dispense a wide range of viscosities making the system suitable for multiple applications: exhaust and continuous dyeing, textile printing, floor covering, pigment industries and many more.

The “Tube-Free” design and constant solution agitation guarantee the highest level of repeatable results. Automated gravimetric dispensing provides full traceability for each solution dispensed. The Autolab SPS system ensures solution preparation accuracy and exact concentration data. Networked to the dispenser database for added recipe dispense accuracy.

Datacolor Autolab

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