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Formulation Software

Datacolor's powerful and accurate formulation software’s, especially developed for the needs of your industry. Fast and easy color search, lab-grade matching and recipe optimization. Increases productivity, saves time & money.

Available models:

  • Retail Paint Software - Paint
  • Match Pigment
  • Smart Color Matching for Textiles - Match Textile

Production Optimization

Smart software solutions that utilize and transfer information from an optimized production recipe into the color kitchen.

Available models:

  • Intelligent Production Weighing - Weigh
  • Intelligent Production Recipe Management – Process

QC Software

Modern, innovative, easy-to-use and feature rich color quality control software application for every industry. Analyze, report, communicate, and visualize digital color data through the whole supply chain.

Available model:

  • Smart Color Analysis and Visualization - Tools
  • Cost-Effective Color QC Solution - Select QC

Available models

Datacolor Weigh interactively guides the drugroom operator through the entire weighing process, ensuring that the correct dyes and chemicals are weighed accurately. Automated data exchange with Datacolor PROCESS or Datacolor TICKET along with interactive graphics virtually eliminate dye weighing errors, minimizing costly dyelot rework.

Key features

  • Fully integrated

Datacolor WEIGH controls up to three connected scales for accurate weighing of dyes and auxiliaries. Seamless transfer of dyelot ingredients and product amounts from Datacolor PROCESS or Datacolor TICKET increases throughput and ensures accurate results.

  • Accurate dye and chemical weighing

Tolerance bands are displayed during product weighing to guarantee accuracy. Operators receive clear weighing instructions for cup size, scale selection, and for using full packages of a specific product. Stock control prevents weighing when product availability is low.

  • Operator-friendly interface

Simple user interface and high-visibility display with large, easy-to-use function buttons, is readable from as far as two meters. Weighing progress is clearly displayed on the job status screen. Automatic selection of the next scheduled job is possible. Jobs can be stopped and easily restarted later without loss of information for products that have already been weighed.

  • Flexibility

When a new lot of a product is required, the target weight in active jobs is recalculated based upon delivery strength. Configurable safety instructions, both visual and audible, alert the operator regarding product hazards. Multiple user profiles support weighing from numerous workstations, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in the drugroom.

Datacolor Tools is an easy-to-use color quality control application for industries where color accuracy is a critical component of overall product quality. Analyze, report, communicate, and visualize accurate color results. Objective pass/fail tolerances and color differences ensure consistent color quality and improved throughput.

Datacolor Tools – Evaluate color quality using a range of color difference formulas, graphics, and indices from CIE, TAPPI, ISO, and more.

Datacolor Sort – Advanced shade sorting, clustering, and tapering to manage roll-to-roll color variation in the entire manufacturing process.

Datacolor Monitor – Measure and report on side-center-side color variation to assure end-to-end color quality.

Key features

  • Unrivaled ease-of-use

Work the way you want by displaying plots and data grids in panels that you can modify – without custom programming. Store all of your data in a robust database, then retrieve and manage samples as needed to an intuitive desktop explorer. Add your most frequently used functions to the ribbon bar to increase efficiency.
Customize settings, templates, and access rights based on the needs of individual users.

  • Spectral visualization of samples

Using monitor calibration with the Datacolor Spyder5, spectral color can be displayed on textured substrates to achieve the highest level of accuracy in visual on-screen assessment. Judge the appearance of a single spectral color on multiple substrates under multiple illuminants. Evaluate metamerism easily and perform color approvals on-screen, reducing the need for physical samples.

  • Tolerance flexibility and management

It means unlimited flexibility in defining, selecting, and working with color quality control tolerances.
Unique tolerance blocks can be established and then linked automatically into the color QC workflow.
Multiple tolerances such as CMC and Whiteness Index can even be combined. This allows  to view multiple pass/fail criteria in a single data grid.

  • Interactive color analysis plots

The interactive graphics module enables simple, efficient, and detailed data analysis. Users can view data graphically against the correct tolerances without searching through menus. Each graph type is interactive, allowing the user to change data points, illuminants, zoom, orientation, and 2D or 3D views. Instantly evaluate color inconstancy in multiple illuminants with the unique multi-illuminant plot.

Employing the valuable knowledge of the experts in your company, Datacolor Process helps you manage dye recipes and production dyeing procedures. Process parameters and auxiliary quantities are automatically adjusted based on dye quantity, customer, fabric, dye machine, and performance requirements to achieve an optimized dyeing procedure.

Datacolor Process – Produces the most accurate and efficient production dyeing procedure through rules-based calculations for complex dyeing processes.

Datacolor Ticket – Simple dyelot tickets are produced to ensure accuracy in production dyeing.

Key features

  • Automated dyeing procedures

Datacolor Process automatically generates the best production recipe and dyeing procedure for any color based on relevant dyeing requirements. Rules based on liquor ratio, customer, fabric, dye machine, and dyestuff quantity automatically adjust dyeing parameters and chemical amounts to eliminate dyeing errors. Temperature ramp rate and dyeing time are optimized to ensure the most efficient dyeing cycle.

  • Dyelot history and recipe correction

Dyelot history and quality analysis enable proactive recipe correction to reduce dye adds. Instantly review results for previous dyelots, including all colorimetric data to identify potential production issues before costly mistakes occur. If a dyelot is off shade, connect to Datacolor MATCH TEXTILE to generate the most accurate and cost-effective correction to get the dyelot back on shade.

  • Advanced Production Management

Datacolor PROCESS supports exhaust and continuous dyeing on any fiber type. Configure dye machines with min/max control of machine capacity, liquor ratio and pickup. Generate simple production recipes or a complete production process including recipe and process costs. Optional inventory control ensures product availability, while dyelot scheduling guarantees the most efficient use of available equipment.

  • Workflow integration

Datacolor Process works seemlessly with Datacolor Match Textile and Datacolor Weigh to manage the entire textile dyeing process from lab to production. Designed to link with dye machine supervisor and ERP systems, customized integration modules ensure that dye and chemical quantities and process parameters are passed between systems without the need for manual re-entry of data.

Datacolor® Paint 2 is an all new software that redefines the search, match and dispense workflow for paint retailers. Featuring a modern user-interface, Paint2 is both easy-to-use and customizable, for immediate brand recognition. Datacolor’s lab-quality matching capabilities enable you to not only find the right color for your customer faster, but also formulate that color with greater accuracy – improving customer satisfaction and minimizing re-tints.

Key features

  • Easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, Wizard mode enables search by color or product and all-in-one mode, saving steps to dispense. Customizable user interface, Add or remove features to suit your workflow, intuitive navigation and custom addition of manufacturer or hardware store logo.
  • Flexible Formula Management, Use any unit of measurement – shots, ounces, quarts, gallons, or liters – including automatic conversion from volume to weight.
  • Re-dispense formulas instantly, Search customer files for any color, between any time period to quickly re-dispense and satisfy repeat customers.
  • Datacolor Paint 2 provides superior color matching results. 30% greater efficiency in first shot matching than competitive POS products. Achieve higher customer satisfaction thanks to reduced mistints correction.
  • Whether your customer wants to customize an accent shade or match exterior colors for stucco and plaster, you’ll always deliver results corresponding to your customer’s vision.
  • Datacolor’s proprietary Smart Match® technology adapts to the real behavior of bases and colorants.

Datacolor Match Textile offers a variety of powerful formulation and correction capabilities with an improved user interface. It guarantees fast and accurate matches with the lowest-cost recipes for exhaust and continuous dyers alike.

Powered by Datacolor’s unique, patented technology SmartMatch®, and MatchCOM, a proprietary collection of advanced color formulation libraries, Datacolor Match Textile enhances accuracy and speed of recipe calculation, providing superior first-shot matches.

Key features

Increase productivity

  • Shorten formulation time with up to 50% increase in matching speed
  • Increase productivity with automatic transfer of multiple formulas to the dispenser queue
  • Speed decision making of optimal formulas based on clear summaries of customer specific criteria (contrast ratio, film thickness, etc.)

Improve match quality

  • Support greater custom/individual needs with flexible matching criteria options
  • Improve product quality by assuring colorant compatibility for customer use cases
  • Visually asses the ability to achieve a color using a specific set of colorants with gamut mapping view

Ease of use

  • Streamline daily operations with enhanced user interface
  • Enable transfer of critical knowledge with the ability to add notes attached to formulas

Datacolor Match Textile offers a variety of powerful formulation and correction capabilities with an improved user interface. It guarantees fast and accurate matches with the lowest-cost recipes for exhaust and continuous dyers alike.

Powered by Datacolor’s unique, patented technology SmartMatch®, and MatchCOM, a proprietary collection of advanced color formulation libraries, Datacolor Match Textile enhances accuracy and speed of recipe calculation, providing superior first-shot matches.

Key features

Rapid color development

  • Up to 50% less time spent on color formulation with increased first-shot matches.
  • Shorter learning curve thanks to interactive tutorials and intuitive user interface.

Waste elimination

  • 10% fewer new formulations required for the color development process.
  • Predefined dyestuff combinations ensure creation of recipes without unwanted dyes.

Reduced dye consumption

  • The proprietary SmartMatch® functionality improves first-shot accuracy.
  • Benefit from fewer lab dips with cost optimized ingredients.
  • Fewer resources spent on new formulations by taking advantage of a recipe archive with customized recipe status information.

Integrate color formulation and production dyeing

  • Calculating batch corrections for off-shade production with Match Textileimproves re-dyeing accuracy.
  • The self-learning expert system captures proven product results to constantly improve recipe quality.
  • Use of offset-standards compensates for shade drifts in finishing.

Improve efficiency with network color management via Terminal Server and Citrix

  • Share data sets and existing recipes between locations via enterprise level deployment.
  • Centralize control of digital master standards and maintain best practices.
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 and 2012 are compatible with Terminal Server and Citrix support.

Datacolor Select Kit is an affordable, yet extremely powerful color matching tool with an advanced search engine that enables identification of perfect matches from thousands of colors. Combines color measurement with fast colorimetric search and formula retrieval, customer formula storage and retrieval, color harmony advice, and label printing. Perfect for retail paint and home décor outlets.

Key features

Quick and efficient true colors

  • Best customer experience thanks to swift and efficient service. Measure any sample, quickly reference it to a physical standard, and get the exact paint your customer wants.
  • The Datacolor Spyder™ monitor calibrator guarantees true colors on screens, preventing costly mistakes.

A reliable solution in demanding conditions

  • The Datacolor Select Colorimeter is the most accurate instrument in its class. Full confidence in every color measurement thanks to repeatable, precise results. Vital for reliable control and brand management.
  • Datacolor Select technology has a proven track-record of dependability in demanding environmental conditions and various locations. It’s robust, impeccable, without any moving parts or delicate displays. Holds up to wear and tear without impacting accuracy.
  • All units are covered under a two-year warranty.

Greater performance = Greater affordability

  • Outpace your largest competitors – provide same service at a very affordable price with the Datacolor SelectKIT™. No elaborate training, just ready to use.
  • An enhanced spectrocolorimeter at a lower price is an unrivaled solution. Datacolor renders a complete color matching technology affordable. Make the largest and highest volume competitors jealous.

Win loyalty and repeat business

  • Drive additional sales with the module offering instant color harmony advice – use the Color Coordinate module in PAINT v.2.x.
  • Datacolor SelectKIT™ boosts sales associate’s confidence and productivity. Attract, impress and retain paint customers. Increase store traffic – offer the latest technology for paint matching services today.
  • Maintain repeat business. Customers’ previous paint purchases or specifications are stored in a database for future projects.
  • Become the preferred brand in the shop. Increase your market share; gain competitive advantage by providing Datacolor SelectKIT.

Datacolor Select QC- an attractively priced solution for color accuracy and repeatable color control of goods in the plastics, paint and packaging-processing industries. Combines a precise and portable colorimeter with the most intuitive and robust Color QC software on the market today – at the price point of a light booth.

Key features

Lightweight, portable and affordable

  • Datacolor Select QC® offers a cost-effective and highly accurate color QC solution. While others provide a light booth used for visual inspection at that price, Datacolor offers a complete instrumental color inspection solution with reliable and traceable data.
  • USB memory stick with user guide and backup copy of the white tile data
  • To control color accuracy of your products on a regular basis, an instrument should be easy-to-use. With only 100 grams, the select QC unit is portable handy. The ideal solution for on the field or outside the lab use.

Highest accuracy and greatest reliability

  • The Datacolor Select Colorimeter is the most accurate instrument in its class. Repeatable and precise results provide users confidence on every color measurement. The result: reliable quality control and better brand management.
  • QC equipment must be robust and reliable. Datacolor Select technology has a proven track-record of dependability in variable environmental conditions. No moving parts or delicate displays, holds-up to wear and tear while delivering reliable results.
  • All units are covered under a two-year warranty.

State-of-the-art QC software

  • Datacolor select QC software is intuitive and offers the most feature-rich color QC application in its category. Analyze, report, communicate and visualize accurate QC results. Achieve greater efficiency in processes and improved productivity.

Geometry and aperture size for precise color detection

  • Molded plastic parts are often too small to be measured by a laboratory spectrophotometer, but not for the 4mm aperture diameter of the Select unit. It offers a convenient size to capture accurate results even for very small surface points of materials. No delicate mechanisms for exchanging apertures needed.
  • If no adequate measurement geometry is in place, instrumental color evaluation results frequently different from a visual inspection. Not with the Select colorimeter; its 45°/0° geometry reads color the same way as the human eye, registering effects of different textures and surfaces.

Paint Introduction

DatacolorDatacolor empowers color professionals for over 50 years. With its color management tools and software, they have been helping global brands, photographers, and designers get color right. We offer solutions for color measurement, formulation, matching, quality control, and digital communication for industries where accuracy is critical. Capture color like never before with an innovative color management company that knows the art and science of color communication.