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Focus on Fisherbrand for your complete centrifugation needs. With our compact and versatile centrifuges, a wide selection of centrifuge tubes and our tube racks designed to bring a touch of color to any lab environment!

Available models

Fisher Scientific Mini centrifuge
Maximum speed
approx. 6,000 rpm (fully loaded)
Maximum RCF
2000 x g
100 to 240 VAC 50/60 HZ 0.6A, Approx. 7.3 W
153 x 128 x 104 mm

One-year warranty

Snapspin™ rotors for easy and fast exchange

The Fisherbrand Mini Centrifuge is ideal for quick spin downs, microfilter cell separations, PCR and HPLC samples. It is compact and easy to use and comes as standard with a host of accessories.

Key features

  • Small footprint and quiet operation
  • Palm-shaped lid, suitable for left or right handed users
  • Allows quick extraction of tubes
  • Snapspin™ rotors are tool-free for a fast and easy exchange
  • Weighted rubberized base eliminates potential movement and
  • Further dampens vibration and noise
Fisher Scientific Midi Centrifuge
Speed range
500 to 12,500 rpm
15 to 9,800 xg
203 x 171 x 114 mm
Electrical requirements
100-240V, 50/60Hz

Two year warranty

Achieve maximal speed with minimum space. The Fisherbrand Midi Centrifuge is ideal for protocols calling for fast spins with a higher RCF requirement. Ideal for micro-filter cell separations, PCR, clinical applications and HPLC protocols.

Key features

  • Compact footprint and brush-less motor for quiet operation and low vibration
  • Select and set the digital speed display in RCF or RPM
  • Sample imbalance and tilt safety cut-out
  • Safety interlock lid prevents opening while rotor is turning
  • Back lit display showing time, speed and operational information on the same screen
  • Quick spin button for short spin requirements
  • UV resistant plastic, increased useful life under harsh light conditions
  • Push-button lid release
  • Manual override allows user to open lid in case of power failure
Fisher Scientific Micro Centrifuge
48mL (24 x 1.5/2mL tubes)
Maximum speed/RCF
13,300 rpm / 17,000 xg

Two-year warranty

  • Refrigerated and ventilated models
  • Adjustable 99 minute timer and quick-spin feature for short runs
  • Supplied with rotor and biocontainment lid

Available models

Centrifuge tube racks, Adapt-A-Rack™

  • Each slot adapts to accommodate 12mm to 30mm (5mL to 50mL) tube sizes
  • Racks can be linked together for additional holding capacity
  • For skirted, round bottom, flat bottom and conical tubes

Centrifuge tube racks, Pop-Up™

Open the racks to organise your tubes or collapse them for compact storage. Fisherbrand™ Pop-Up™ centrifuge tube racks accommodate two tube sizes in a
sturdy polypropylene rack with imprinted grids. Save space when they are not in use by easily closing them.

Centrifuge tube rack, adjustable

  • Adjustable opening for different diameter tubes
  • Holds 12 tubes from 15mL to 50mL (16mm to 30mm diameter)
  • Size of opening can be changed by turning handle or by direct insertion of tube
  • With handles for easy transportation
  • Dimensions (l x w x h),: 194 x 140 x 51 mm
  • Not recommended for autoclaving
Polypropylene, 20 well
Polypropylene, three way
Rota-Rack Duo, PCR
Polypropylene, four-way
Dimensions (LxWxH)
213 x 90 x 50 mm
164 x 123 x 62 mm
296 x 118 x 34 mm
17.4 x 9.5 x 5.2 cm

Available models

Microcentrifuge tube rack, polypropylene, 20 well

  • Polypropylene racks for storing 20 tubes
  • Accommodates 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 or 2.0mL tubes
  • Racks lock together on each side
  • Tubes are easily removed using ‘hold-it’ finger slot on the front of the rack

Microcentrifuge tube rack, polypropylene, three way

  • Three way polypropylene racks connect to one another on either end
  • Convenient finger slots are moulded onto the rack and each of the three tiers accommodates a different size tube
  • Lowest level has 24 wells to hold individual 0.2mL tubes or strips of 8 or 12 tubes
  • Middle tier has 14 wells to hold 0.5mL tubes
  • Top tier has 12 wells to hold 1.5mL tubes

Microcentrifuge tube rack, Rota-Rack Duo, PCR

  • Rotating rack holds 48 x 0.2mL, 0.5mL and 1.5mL PCR tubes
  • Polypropylene with imprinted alphanumeric grid aids tube retrieval

Microcentrifuge tube racks, polypropylene, 80 well

  • Polypropylene 80 well microtube racks ideal for freezer storage

Microcentrifuge tube rack, polypropylene, cube

  • User friendly cube racks
  • Racks measure 108mm x 113mm x 113mm
  • Slide the polypropylene racks together in multiple orientations to work with different sized tubes at the same time
  • Each rack can hold 4 x 50mL tubes, 10 x 15mL conical tubes, 12 x 75mL to 100mL tubes or 16 x 1.5mL to 2.0mL tubes

Microcentrifuge tube racks, polypropylene, four-way

  • Four-way heavy duty racks feature a unique system of tabs and slots which when linked together create a larger
Fisher Scientific

Fisher Scientific is committed to providing quality products at affordable prices through its trusted proprietary Fisherbrand range of products. Fisherbrand offers a broad selection of laboratory supplies and consumables covering a diverse range of applications such as liquid handling, heating and cooling, centrifugation, Electrochemistry and many more. It’s the smart way to achieve cost savings over branded products without having to compromise on quality.

There are over 10,000 products within the Fisherbrand portfolio, with new products constantly being introduced. All Fisherbrand products are manufactured to the highest standards and undergo rigorous quality assurance and testing procedures to ensure that they deliver on our promise of quality, reliability and value. That is why when you see the blue Fisherbrand logo you know it’s a trusted partner.