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Fisher Scientific - Ultrasonic Cleaning

A comprehensive range of analogue ultrasonic baths with or without heating, covering the requirements for laboratory research, sonochemistry and degassing applications.

The Fisher Scientific ultrasonic baths offer practically every proven technical feature available. The new units support the ultrasonic effect even better than before.

The materials used and the state-of-the-art technology prolong the service life of the baths. Their design has been changed to be both more functional and modern.
Perfect cleaning with ultrasound in industrial manufacturing and servicing is based on powerful ultrasonic transducer systems at 37 kHz. 

The tough cleaning jobs in laboratories everyday show that the new baths with their practical features meet all
requirements perfectly.

Technical specifications


Model no. Volume, L Dimensions, external
[w x d x h], mm
Carrying handles Power, W Mass, kg
S10 0.8 206 x 116 x 178 No 30 2.0
S15 1.75 175 x 180 x 212 No 35 2.1
S30 2.75 300 x 179 x 214 Yes 80 3.3
S40 4.25 300 x 179 x 264 Yes 140 4.0
S60 5.75 365 x 186 x 264 Yes 150 5.1
S70 6.9 568 x 179 x 214 Yes 150 5.6
S80 9.4 568 x 179 x 264 Yes 150 6.4
S100 9.5 568 x 179 x 264 Yes 150 5.9
S120 12.75 365 x 278 x 321 Yes 200 7.5
S180 18 390 x 340 x 321 Yes 200 8.5
S300 28 568 x 340 x 321 Yes 300 11.0

> Download Fisherbrand Ultrasonic Bath factsheet for full specs

Key features

  • Cavitation-resistant stainless-steel tanks
  • Ergonomically shaped plastic carrying handles
  • Easy draining of cleaning liquid though the drain duct via a dial on the side
  • Operating panel arranged so that liquid cannot enter the electronics
  • Newly developed cover reduces noise and accelerates the heating up process
  • LED temperature display
  • Degass function key

Video: Fisherbrand ultrasonic baths S series

Fisher Scientific

Fisher Scientific is committed to providing quality products at affordable prices through its trusted proprietary Fisherbrand range of products. Fisherbrand offers a broad selection of laboratory supplies and consumables covering a diverse range of applications such as liquid handling, heating and cooling, centrifugation, Electrochemistry and many more. It’s the smart way to achieve cost savings over branded products without having to compromise on quality.

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