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Thermo Scientific - Maybridge Collection

Novel Building Blocks & Screening Libraries

  • Innovative and unique compounds with a variety of functionality
  • Developed through 50 years of forefront innovation in heterocyclic chemistry
  • World-leading collections of diverse drug-like molecules
  • Over 55,000 compounds 

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Hit-to-Lead building blocks

Designed by medicinal chemists for medicinal chemists, our extensive range of Hit-to-Lead building blocks are specifically designed for lead optimization through structure activity relationship (SAR) development. We designed our building blocks to provide the following key features:

  • Over 300 different heterocyclic ring systems – adds to the pharmacophoric profile of your target molecules
  • All synthetically useful functional groups – facilitates the full breadth of chemical synthesis techniques
  • Ring regioisomers – enables systematic exploration of structural diversity space and broadens intellectual property protection
  • Minimal substitution – provides easier interpretation of SAR

Screening Libraries

When mapped against the World Drug Index (WDI), it was shown that the Maybridge Screening Collection expresses ca. 87% of the 400,000 theoretical drug pharmacophores, indicating a far-reaching coverage of active moiety space which can generate a high impact in any screening program.

An independent study carried out by McGregor and Pallai comparing the diversity of 10 commercially available collections showed that out of those that were produced in-house, Maybridge had the most diverse library i.e. the most singletons (clusters with one member), and the highest number of clusters.

Maybridge Ro3 Diversity Fragment Library

Library Fragment screening is becoming a method of choice in the quest for rapid identification of new lead molecules in drug discovery due to the higher hit probability and fewer fragments needing to be screened. The Maybridge fragment library is a proven, industry-leading library due to its diversity, pharmacophoric content and novelty.

To further increase the diversity and provide a greater coverage of lead-like chemical space we have redesigned our fragment library. The new library contains 2,500 carefully selected fragments, and it provides the optimal balance between broad coverage of lead-like diversity space and the number of fragments required to be screened.

Product portfolio

  • Pharmacophoricallyrich intermediates for SAR development and H2L optimization
  • Various interesting pharmacokinetic profiles of drug molecules including “privileged structures” and solubilizing moieties

  • Highly diverse set of  > 53,000 hit-like and lead-like molecules widely acknowledged as a critical tool in screening campaigns.

  • 30,000 small compounds (of MW < 300) taken from the complete Maybridge collection for use in fragment screening 
  • Acceleration of lead compounds identification

  • A diverse selection of 2500 products from the complete Fragment Collection. It is fully Ro3 compliant with assured quality of ≥ 95% purity and assured solubility

  • The ultimate diversity screening library, representing the diversity of a 500,000 compound library distilled to 14,000 molecules
  • Our new offering now provides the coverage of drug-like chemical space with a single library
  • Each pre-plated HitCreator is supplied as dry films in Thermo Scientific Matrix 96 shallow-well plates or 384-well microplates

  • 14,400 compounds selected to represent the overall diversity of the screening collection available pre-plated at 1µmol in 96-well plates or 0.25µmol in 384-well plates

  • 2000 diverse compounds randomly selectedfrom MaybridgeHitFinder
  • Suitable for start-up Discovery programs where funding is limited. 
  • Available as dry films at 1µmol in 96-well plates off-the-shelf 
  • Stock is available for follow up work when required

  • The entire Maybridge screening collection of over 53,000 compounds is available off-the-shelf
  • Available as preplated dry films at 1µmol in 96 well plates format. 
  • Exceptional diversity and outstanding value

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  • Automotive
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
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  • Construction
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  • Defense
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  • Electronics
  • Energy
  • Environmental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Luxury
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
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  • Mining & Minerals
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