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Cool Clean - Omega™ 5000/7000 – MobileClean™ Cleaning System

MobileClean™ brings precision cleaning exactly where it’s needed. CO2 integrated spray cleaning is powerful yet selective. Apply it only where needed to jet away oils, films and particulate matter.

Our patented technology allows the operator to dial in the hardness and impact velocity of the  CO2 spray particles for aggressive or mild cleaning action.

MobileClean™ is equipped with a convenient spray wand and optional on-board HEPA filtered vacuum. Simply roll up the MobileClean™, plug it in and clean.

Key Features

  • Clean precision tool blocks, jigs and fixtures in place
  • No need to remove or re-calibrate
  • Clean hot mold surfaces in place
  • Clean vacuum chambers, laser and optical devices, oscillator crystals and microwave assemblies
  • Perform selective cleaning of live electronic devices

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CO2 Cleaning for Automated Paint Lines

Precision Cleaning and Machining Utilizing CO2

CO2 Cleaning of Light Oils with Fine Spray

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
Cool Clean

Cool Clean Technologies designs and manufactures CO2 based technologies for a wide range of applications.  Cool Clean was founded in 2001 and established headquarters in Eagan, MN. Cool Clean’s products use CO2 in all phases for cleaning, surface preparation, machine tool cooling, and CO2 extraction.

Today, Cool Clean’s CO2 technology is used in many industries such as automotive paint pretreatment, hard disk drive, medical device manufacturing, aerospace, and electronics component manufacturing.