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ExtraEye - First Article Inspection Systems - A-6000

The A6000 is a hardware/software system designed to assist in-line SMT production and find missing components, component errors, polarity errors, and rotation and offset faults. It is intended to minimize machine errors and human errors before they multiply in production. The hardware part includes a chassis carrying an XY axis system equipped with a camera producing high quality images and capable of inspecting all types of electronic components in top view, up to chip 01005 format. By automatically comparing a sample or the entire production, ExtraEye reduces operator fatigue and helps maintain stable and compliant production.

Key Features

  • Minimize machine errors and human errors
  • High quality images
  • Inspecting all types of electronic components in top view 
  • Reduces operator fatigue

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Technical Specification

Max PCB size 500 x 600 (mm)
Max component height 50 (mm)
Image resolution 1800 DPI
Dimensions 840 x 730 x 1200 (mm)
Weight 60 kg
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
ExtraEyeThe Extra Eye First Article Inspection System helps you ensure your PCB assembly line is producing accurate boards, right from the start, and all the way through your production run. It streamlines every aspect of inspection, from program setup to the inspection process itself. With this easy-to-use, automated FAI system, you can dramatically shorten time-to-production, reduce end-of-line defects and improve yield. Using Extra-Eye, you’ll see lower costs and higher-quality products.