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The TSM N2 Reflow is a high-end reflow oven that provides precise temperature control for the most demanding soldering applications. It features a nitrogen atmosphere that minimizes oxidation and improves soldering quality, ensuring consistent and reliable results. With a compact design and intuitive user interface, the TSM N2 Reflow is a must-have for any electronics manufacturing facility looking to achieve the highest levels of quality and efficiency.

Key Features

  • Realize Flux Zero in OVEN -> equip FMS applied with patent technology
  • Thermal Interference Innovation in each zone -> Able to set up temperature difference with 60ºC in max. of interzone
  • Internal Heat Reduction of Reflow -> apply New Emission System
  • Real-time Monitoring,temperature Profile Monitoring and Oxygen Concentration Monitoring in each zone 
  • Conveyor Vibration Monitoring

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Main Functions

Monitoring a number of rotations of B/M: Real-time monitoring spinning numbers of B/M and checking normal operation status of motor spinning in each zone and alarm function applied
Oil level detection sensor for C/V chain: Sensing function of Conveyor Chian Oil Level alerts protection of C/V chain in case of shortage of oil with functions of alarm and message during operation
Sensing the level of Flux capacity of FMS Function: A function that notifies the Flux PM cycle with an alarm after detecting the Flux level in the FMS’s Drain Bottle
FMS, Heat Discharging System: Ventilation cost saving during the process by discharging the Heat outside through the way of sealed duct
Large capacity FMS: Significantly improved cooling and Flux dust performance with twice larger capacity
  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
TSMTSM has been produced for Reflow Oven and Nitrogen generator with a representative model, Full Auto Soldering Machine since the company’s foundation in 1990.