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DKSH has expanded its offering to include Food Services, making us a true omni-channel provider for brands in Malaysia.

With DKSH’s expertise in sourcing, marketing and after-sales services and our broad network of retail and food service distribution channels, we are proud to build and grow your brands through our comprehensive service offering across the value chain.

Our broad network of professionally trained sales specialists support you to drive growth and expand your business by offering in-depth expertise, skills and industry specific know-how across the Food Services channels.

Our services for companies in the hospitality and food manufacturing industry

Marketing and sales

For our clients
  • Ensure correct product application with the best outcome
  • Provide recipes for direct application
  • Introduce and deepen carefully selected products and brands for customized application
For our customers
  • Provide in-house trainings with renowned chefs from around the world
  • Strengthen customer relationships and expand customer network
  • Develop ideas for time and cost efficiency
  • Innovate new combination ideas, new trends, new methods, tips and tricks

Distribution and logistics

Managing the product flow

  • Temperature-controlled storage 
  • Temperature-controlled delivery trucks
  • Stock management
  • Order fulfillment
  • Return management

Managing the financial flow

  • Credit control
  • Invoicing
  • Collection

Specialized services

  • Technical advisory on menu creation
  • Custom clearance
  • Forwarding
  • Food/drug administration
  • Bonded goods
  • Product registration
  • Regulatory compliance

Our Partners

We provide you with high quality ingredients and the latest industry innovations from our world-class clients.

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