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The Cytek Aurora CS was designed to leverage the paradigm-shifting technology onboard the Cytek Aurora system and deliver the sorting capabilities you have come to expect in a high-end sorter.

Like Aurora, the CS provides the benefits of Full Spectrum Profiling (FSP™) technology. Its optical design and unmixing algorithm provide scientists remarkable flexibility, enabling the use of a wide array of new fluorochrome combinations without reconfiguring the system for each application. The state-of-the-art optics and low-noise electronics provide high-resolution, high-content and high sensitivity.

The result is a system that delivers high resolution at the single cell level to resolve the most challenging cell populations, such as cells with high autofluorescence or low levels of expression of key biomarkers, regardless of assay complexity, and to isolate live cells for downstream studies.


Key Features

  • So Many Colors

Up to 40 colors demonstrated including fluorochromes with emission spectra in close proximity to each other.

  • Exceptional Sensitivity

Sensitivity redefined using state of the art optics and low noise electronics.

  • A New Level of Flexibility

No changing optical filters for any fluorochrome. Use any commercially available fluorochrome excited by the onboard lasers.

  • Seamless Sorting

Transfer assays with ease, experience automated drop delay, clog detection, sort monitoring, and sort reporting.

Technical Specifications

Optical platform Aurora CS contains a fixed optical assembly with
the capacity to be configured with up to five
spatially separated laser beams. Laser delays are
automatically adjusted during instrument QC.
Lasers Base model three-laser configuration: 405 nm: 100 mW, 488 nm: 50 mW, 640 nm: 80 mW
Available laser upgrades: 355 nm: 20 mW, 561 nm: 50 mW
Beam geometry Flat-Top laser beam profile with narrow vertical
beam height optimized for small particle detection.
Dimensions (W x D X H) Instrument dimensions: 75 x 57 x 65 cm
Biosafety cabinet dimensions: 150 x 91 x 231 cm
Recommended workspace: 183 x 81 x 94 cm
Instrument weight 105 kg
Power 100-140 VAC, 15A or 200-250 VAC, 10A
Temperature Outside of Biosafety Cabinet: 18–28°C
Inside Biosafety Cabinet: 18–26°C
Humidity 20%-85% relative non-condensing
Sort collection Up to 4-way sorting: 5 mL, and 1.5 mL polystyrene
and polypropylene tubes.
Up to 6-way sorting: 1.5 mL polystyrene and
polypropylene tubes.
96-well plates with index sorting.
Nozzles Quick-replace 130, 100, 85, and 70 µm nozzles with
optimized and user definable pressure and sorter
Sort modes Multiple optimized sort modes for purity, enrichment, mixed, and single cell plus user definable sort modes.
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
Cytek BiosciencesCytek Biosciences is committed to providing powerful solutions that enable scientists to rapidly and efficiently obtain deep biological insights through high quality, high parametric datasets. We are on a mission to advance cancer and cell biology research using a powerful cell analysis technique called full spectrum flow cytometry.