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Foxx Life Sciences offers innovations in laboratory filtration technology. Our FDA-grade components are resistant to harsh solvents, manufactured from premium grade materials. All products are BPA-free and designed with USP Class VI components. Includes the next generation of vacuum filtration: Autofil®. Autofil® offers vacuum filtration systems as a complete system or funnel, centrifuge filters, and hardware including EZFlow® Cell Strainers, EZFlow® Membrane Discs, Microbiology Filter Monitors, and Vent Filters.

Product List

Autofil® Bottle Top Filters

Foxx Life Sciences offers top-of-the-line Bottle Top Filters in full assembly or by a part only.

Made of polypropylene or BPA-free polystyrene material, these top-quality units are engineered for next-generation purification of solvents for research and analytical applications, like cell and tissue culture.

We also provide glass fiber membrane disc filters and other accessories for comprehensive and convenient sterilization and fluid clarification at the lowest price possible.


Available Models:

Autofil® SS (Super Speed) Bottle Top Filters

Foxx Life Sciences provides a top-of-the-line collection of Autofil® SS (SuperSpeed) 1000mL bottle-top filters designed for sterilization or clarification of aqueous laboratory fluids. The filters are Gamma sterilized in the USA and feature a low protein binding, as well as a surfactant-free membrane.


Available Models:

Autofil® 2 Bottle Top Filters

COMING SOON: The patented, next generation Autofil® 2 features the NEW High Flow Foxx Velocity 0.1µm, 0.2µm, and 0.45µm PES membranes. Perfect for filtering FBS and other viscous solutions. Our membrane is low protein binding and surfactant-free. Autofil® 2 is available in 250mL, 500mL, and 1000mL complete units with the NEW EZlabpure™ media bottle or funnel only bottle-top filters. All units are sterile and manufactured from USP Class VI polystyrene in an ISO 13485 clean room, FDA regulated facility.

Autofil® 2 is compatible with the patented Autofil® Pedestal and NEW Cradle Ring 2. These optional docking stations allow for hands free filtering and provide a stationary vacuum hose connection, allowing for efficient set-up and quick use while preventing spills and tissue culture hood contamination.


Available Models:

Autofil® Centrifuge Filters

Foxx Life Sciences brings 15mL & 50mL Centrifuge Funnel Vacuum Filters with a selection of 3 various asymmetric PES membrane pore sizes at 0.1μm, 0.2μm, or 0.45μm. Each unit is FDA grade, BPA-free, and designed with USP Class VI components to guarantee sterilization and clarification of lab fluids in diverse life science applications such as cell therapy and genomics.


Available Models:


Autofil® Hardware

Foxx Life Sciences provides next generation filtration tools such as the bottle-top vacuum filtration cradle ring and pedestal. These units are specially designed to upgrade your efficiency and productivity in various life science applications such as tissue culture, cell therapy, genomics, and drug discovery. Made of top quality materials in the U.S.A., our versatile filtration tools are engineered to fit bottle-top assemblies for long-term use at a price that is favorable to you.


Available Models:

EZFlow® Cell Strainers

Foxx Life Sciences offers Cell Strainers available in 40 µm, 70 µm, and 100 µm mesh sizes and in blue, white, and yellow for quick identification. Perform simple and quick isolation of primary cells to consistently acquire uniform single-cell suspension from tissues. Each unit is made with USP Class VI components to ensure quality and performance in any applications.


Available Models:

EZFlow® Glass Filtration Tools

Foxx Life Sciences carries an extensive collection of Glass Filtration Tools available in assemblies or as replacement parts. The Foxx Life Science EZflow® glass filtration is excellent for filtering particulate contamination and engineered to be resistant to acid, chlorine bromine, iodine, and organic substances. With its ability to withstand heat, corrosion, and thermal shock also allows the filter assembly to be utilized in different fields.


Available Models:

EZFlow® Membrane Disc Filters

Foxx Life Sciences brings an advanced collection of Membrane Disc Filters available in gridded, glass fiber, hydrophobic PTFE, and nylon to match your specific requirements. All materials comply with USP Class VI Standards to guarantee the quality of your filtration especially for aggressive solutions like DMSO and alcohols. Cut down your cost, improve your efficiency in the lab, and enhance your filtration strategies with our membrane disc filters.


Available Models:

EZFlow® Syringe Filters

Foxx Life Sciences provides a wide range of Syringe Filters in different materials: hydrophilic polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), hydrophobic PTFE, glass fiber, nylon, polyethersulfone (PES), polypropylene, and polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF). These variants solve all application needs from pre-filtration and clarification, to particle removal of particle-laden, organic, and many other different solutions. Additionally, each syringe filter is made with USP Class VI components to guarantee the quality of your results.


Available Models:

EZMicro™ Funnel Monitor

EZMicro™ Funnel Monitors, for use in Microbiology, feature a cellulose pad, 100 ml funnel and cover with magnifying glass for colony count. The membrane welded to the base is for use with ampuls of microclar culture Media. The gridded, MCE membranes installed into each Funnel Monitor, can reduce up to 70% analysis time. Each unit is also designed to reduce the risk of cross-contamination through Gamma Irradiation to ensure the highest quality test environment. Fixed or removable in several grid size options. Black grid also available for your media contrasting applicational needs.  


Available Models:

Vent Filters

Foxx Life Sciences offers premium selections of Vent Filters for hydrophobic venting and solvent filtration. Each FDA-grade unit is produced in compliance with USP Class VI Standards which are autoclavable up to 10 times. Choose from 1.00µm and 0.2µm pore sizes to suit your application needs. Vent filters with tubing are also available.


Available Models:

Foxx Life Sciences - Autofil Laboratory Filtration System

Foxx Life Sciences - EZMicro™ Microbiology Funnel Monitor

Foxx Life Sciences - Autofil SS

Foxx Life SciencesFoxx has become a world leader in custom Single-Use Systems (SUS) including tubing, bag, bottle, flask and carboy assemblies, filtration, fluid management, laboratory safety products, and glassware. Foxx is an industry leader in innovation, having developed over 10,000 unique product SKUs and receiving over 35 patents in the past 12 years. Foxx is constantly reinvesting into R&D, focused on creating more innovative and cost-effective solutions to service all our customers needs. Foxx’s product mix is broken down into 15 groups, including: BioProcess Single-Use, BioProcess MTO Single-Use, BioProcess Stainless Steel, BioProcess Caps and Gaskets, BioProcess Tubing, BioProcess Vent Filters, BioProcess Connectors, Bottles/Carboys/Jerricans, Covid-19 PPE, Sample Collection Supplies, Laboratory Filtration and Membranes, Laboratory Safety and Vacuum Traps, Laboratory Glassware, Laboratory Plasticware, and Lab Rat Gifts. Quality is a focal point of our business. Foxx has been ISO 13485 certified for 10 years in a row and is an FDA Registered company. Additionally, Foxx Life Sciences has a certified ISO Class 7 Cleanroom with six full assembly lines. Our products are manufactured in North America, using USP Class VI materials.