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Idex - Column Hardware - Guard Columns

We offer wide selection of pre-packed, cartridge style guard columns in addition to pack-it-yourself hardware. There are options for micro flow applications as well as analytical-scale applications. These guard columns can be immediately implemented into a system for your convenience.

Available models

  • Guard Column 2mm inner diameter x 2cm length

Our Guard Column is the most widely used system that we offer. Our easy to pack and economical guard column is a favorite among HPLC users. It comes with equipped with two stainless steel replacement frits.

  • MicroBore Guard Column

This Microbore Guard Column is ideal for microbore HPLC. It is applicable for narrow-bore chromatography. This unpacked guard column enables you to match the chemistry of your column creating optimal column protection. It includes replacement frits.

Our guard column kits are designed for analytical guard columns, stainless steel guard column and microbore guard columns. These assemblies come with packing material, guard columns and fittings. It is an economical and easy to use solution.

  • Guard Column Kit 2mm column inner diameter x 1cm length w/C-270*, 6-Pack

*C-270 refers to a Guard Column Holder product; Guard Column Holder Stainless Steel, Biocompatible.

Our Guard Column Holders come is durable stainless steel or biocompatible titanium. It is designed to effectively hold a column cartridge in place. We manufactured these holders to hold up to high pressures. They are carefully treated to prevent galling.

  • Semi-Prep Guard Column Holder
  • Column Holder Assembly Titanium
  • Guard Column Holder Stainless Steel, Biocompatible

Our guard column accessories include packing adapters and seal, packing funnels and other useful products to work with your column systems.

  • Stainless Steel Threaded Replacement Cap 2µm    
  • Dry Packing Funnel 10mm    
  • Slurry Packing Adapter
  • Slurry Packing Adapter & Seal

Our biocompatible Guard Column Cartridges are conveniently prepackaged and are offered in multiple packs. We offer these cartridges in a variety of bonded phases to match your column chemistry. These cartridges are reusable and economical.

  • Guard Column Cartridge 2mm inner diameter x 1cm length, 10-Pack            
  • Guard Column Cartridge Kit 4.3mm inner diameter x 1cm length w/C-270* 6pk 
  • Guard Column Cartridge 4.3mm inner diameter x 1cm length, Silica 10 Pack
  • Semi-Prep Guard Column 10mm inner diameter x 1cm length

Our Semi Prep Guard Cartridge Assembly is designed to accompany the Semi-Prep Guard Column. This convenient cartridge system is easy to pack and will hold up to high pressure and is carefully treated to prevent galling.

*C-270 refers to a Guard Column Holder product; Guard Column Holder Stainless Steel, Biocompatible

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