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The advantage of optimized inspection and adaptability to your needs combined in a single system is waiting for you. Save time when meeting demanding throughput targets and inspecting diverse samples with Emspira 3.

For efficient decision making, benefit from secure storage and easy sharing of documentation – no matter if you inspect in stand-alone mode or with a PC. The robust design of Emspira 3 allows you to focus confidently and reliably on your inspection work both in production and laboratory environments.

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Technical Specifications

General optical data
Max. resolution 337 lp/mm
Max. FoVx 76,1 mm
Max. FoVy 42,8 mm
Max. DoF 40,5 mm
Working distance 303 – 19 mm
Optical data for PlanApo 1.0x
Max. measurement 1.0x accuracy @ 0,75x zoom +/- 1%
Max. measurement accuracy @ 6.0x zoom +/- 0.5%
Objective optics carrier
Coding Click-stop feature
Click-stop feature Eight switchable positions, for repetitive tasks
Microscope camera specifications
Live image on an HDMI monitor at up to 60 fps (3,840 × 2,160 pixels)
Full-screen image capture at 12 MP
File formats JPG, TIF, BMP
Antimicrobial surface AgTreatTM according to ISO 22196
Protection rating IP 21
Magnification range
Monitor 10" with Achr. objective 0.32x total magnification 23:1
Monitor 28" with Achr. objective 0.32x total magnification 65:1
Monitor 10" with PlanApo objective 5.0x total magnification 360:1
Monitor 28" with PlanApo objective 5.0x total magnification 1027:1
Software & connectivity
Compatibility USB 3.0, standard USB type C, lockable
High-definition connector HDMI 2.0a, HDMI plug type A
USB connectors 4x USB 2 connectors, type A
Controls USB mouse Optional: keyboard, touch screen, footswitch
Supported software LAS X 5.0.2 and higher

Key Features

In stand-alone mode, measure multiple regions on the sample in the live image

For easier decisions, compare the live image to reference images or customized overlays to check if parts are within tolerances.

  • Add annotations directly to the image using the integrated on-screen display
  • Easily highlight features and areas of interest on the sample by adding comments and conclusions, as text and graphical elements, to the image
  • Save images and results from inspection directly to your local network via ethernet connectivity for fast storage
  • Simultaneously take and share images with a single press of a button using the optional hand/foot switch

Easily share documentation directly with email contacts without a PC

Reveal relevant details with the appropriate illumination

How It Works

  • Digital microscope
  • Quick sample identification
  • PCB Inspection
  • On-screen display

Emspira 3 Digital Microscope

The Emspira 3 digital microscope empowers you to streamline your inspection process, cover your needs flexibly, and work with confidence. It combines everything needed to perform comprehensive visual inspection with a single system, including comparison, measurement, and data sharing.

Emspira 3 - Inspect With a Lean Setup

Emspira 3 combines everything needed to perform comprehensive visual inspection into a single system, including comparison, measurement, and documentation sharing. Inspect with a single system – no need for a PC. Streamline your inspection process with a lean.

Leica Microsystems

Leica Microsystems develops and manufactures microscopes and scientific instruments for the analysis of microstructures and nanostructures..

Widely recognized for optical precision and innovative technology, the company is one of the market leaders in compound and stereo microscopy, digital microscopy, confocal laser scanning and super-resolution microscopy with related imaging systems, electron microscopy sample preparation, and surgical microscopy..

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