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SCION has more than 50 standard, pre-configured systems available to meet a wide variety of applications, for example DHA, SIMDIST, RGA, BTU as examples. If you have an analytical challenge to solve then our long experience in designing, configuring and manufacturing complete systems, with all their analytical benefits, ensures you get the solution that’s right for you.

Irrespective if for hydrocarbon processing, refinery product control, natural gas monitoring, SCION has the analyzer for it based on more than 35 years of experience and satisfied users. An analyzer includes all analytical methods as well as follow up calculations like: energy, simulated distillation, etc.

Turnkey solution for a specific application

Simulated Distillation (SimDist) reproduces the physical distillation of petroleum products by determining boiling point distribution using a GC. Scion Instruments' range of Simulated Distillation Analyzers combined with the CompassCDS and SimDist software provide you with completely integrated systems designed to meet the exacting requirements of industry standard SimDist methods that include the D86 and D1160 correlation.

The SCION DHA Analyzer is a complete high-resolution GC solution for the analysis of hydrocarbons in petroleum streams capable of performing all of the standard methods including ASTM D6729, D6730, D6733, D5134, D6623, IP 344/DHA “Front End” and “Fast DHA”.

Scion’s Refinery Gas Analyzers (RGA) are designed to deliver superior, reliable results for a wide range of refinery and other petroleum gases containing H2, O2, N2, CO, H2S, CO2, and longer chain length hydrocarbons.

Natural gas is bought and sold as a bulk commodity with price based on its energy content. It is essential for all stakeholders in the supply chain to be able to accurately determine the heating value of natural gas streams. Scion Instruments provides a complete range of GC based solutions for the analysis of natural gas, liquified petroleum gas or natural gas liquids (NGL). The Scion “NatGas” analyzer family is designed to offer superior results through the use of industry proven hardware, software, optimized columns and consumables.

The analysis of sub-ppm levels of ethers (e.g., DME, MTBE, ETBE, DIPE) alcohols, aldehydes and ketones in different hydrocarbon matrices is a recurring challenge for hydrocarbon processing analytical laboratories. Scion’s Low Level Oxygenate Analyzer is an easy to use solution that meets this challenge according to ASTM D7423.

In gasoline, oxygenated compounds are added as ‘anti-knock’ agents to increase the octane number and decrease emissions by replacing organo-lead compounds. The type and concentration of oxygenated compounds must be measured in reformulated gasolines as part of ongoing product quality assessment, and to confirm the oxygenated components have been added in the correct amounts according to regulatory requirements. The Scion 4815 GC Analyzer provides a highly cost-effective solution for the analysis of oxygenates in gasoline, according to the widely used industry standard method ASTM D4815.

Low level analysis of sulfur containing components such as H2S, COS and mercaptans is extremely challenging and Scion has a GC solution specifically configured for this type of trace impurity analysis. This system employs a micro-gasifier that enables the direct coupling of an LPG stream. Impurities such as CO, CO2, H2, O2 and N2 also need to be determined at low levels in LPGs. Complete separation of these components is done using a two-channel single detector (PDHID) system.

Impurities in ethylene can damage the catalysts used in the production of ethylene, thus resulting in significant replacement costs, reduced product quality, process downtime, and decreased yield. For complete characterization of impurities in ethylene and also propylene, six GC channels are required. By coupling two Scion GCs with three channels each, a comprehensive solution is available for analyzing these components.

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SCION InstrumentsBuilt on the history of Chrompack and Varian in GC and GC-MS, SCION Instruments was acquired by the Techcomp group in 2014. SCION Instruments designs, develops, supplies and supports GC, GC-MS and Compass CDS (chromatography data system) product lines. The company prides itself for manufacturing in Europe at facilities in Goes, The Netherlands with its headquarters based in Livingston, Scotland. SCION Instruments maintains a global infrastructure to support sales around the world. As well as providing support for SCION Instruments customers, there is also service and support available for users of legacy Varian systems.
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