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Surface Measurement Systems - DVS Carbon

The latest addition to the DVS family, DVS Carbon, is the first purpose-built gravimetric sorption analyzer for advanced carbon capture, utilization, and storage (CCUS) applications. In most gas phase carbon capture applications, CO2 often competes with other chemical species at adsorbent sites, including water vapor. The new DVS Carbon enables the measurement of CO2 uptake in real life conditions, controlling both temperature and humidity at a broad range of CO2 concentrations.

With the patented Surface Measurement Systems Ultrabalance measuring real-time mass changes caused by sorption and desorption in the sample, complex carbon capture conditions can be assessed in a range of materials. In addition, the system can be configured to enable a range of different capabilities.

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Technical Specifications

Construction Materials

Custom built manifold: 316 stainless steel
Seals: Viton® and Kalrez® or equivalent
Tubing: 1/4 inch 316 stainless steel

Gas Flow Control

High accuracy digital mass flow controllers
Wide dynamic range – turndown ratio 1000:1
Carrier gas: dry air, nitrogen, CO2 (<1%) in nitrogen

Temperature Control

Temperature controlled enclosure Contains entire generation and measurement system
Control range: 5 °C to 85 °C
Temperature stability ± 0.05 oC over 6 hours
Temperature resolution 0.01 °C
Local sample heater Control range: up to 300 °C
Heating ramp rates: up to 10 °C/min

Humidity Generation & Measurement

Water Reservoirs 500 mL quick-fit reservoir
Heated to avoid evaporative cooling
Relative humidity range 0 to 98% RH for 5-60 oC1
0 to 85% RH for 60-85 oC1
Relative humidity generation performance Accuracy: ±0.5% RH2
Resolution: ±0.1% RH
Stability: ±0.1% RH over 6 hours


Relative humidity continuous measurement Range 0-100%RH
Relative humidity measurement accuracy ±0.8% RH at 5-40 °C
±1.5% RH at 40-85 °C

CO2 Generation and Measurement

Generation Concentration range 0-100% vol, atmospheric pressure
CO2 generation performance Accuracy: exact 3 or 0.5% vol of inlet concentration4


Patented Speed of Sound sensor Range: 0-100% vol5
Accuracy: 0.1% vol up to 40% vol, 0.5% above
In line NIR ppm sensor6,7 Range 0-0.5% vol
Accuracy: 40 ppm5

Weight Measurement

Ultrabalance Low Mass Maximum load: 1000 mg
Mass change: ±150 mg
Resolution: 0.01 μg
Balance noise: ≤ 0.3 μg8
Ultrabalance High Mass Maximum load: 5000 mg
Mass change: ±1000 mg
Resolution: 0.1 μg
Balance noise: ≤ 3 μg8

Hardware Configuration

Standard Mixing of two gas streams, with controlled humidity and CO2 concentration, respectively9
Switching between different carrier gases e.g. Nitrogen and 400 ppm CO2
Advanced Two heated reservoirs for enhanced humidity generation at high CO2 levels (up to 98% humidity in a pure CO2 stream)9
Mixing and direct measurement of low CO2 concentrations (ppm level) through dedicated instrumentation9

System Information

Dimensions: 520 mm (W) x 980 mm (H) x 610 mm (D)
Weight: 80 kg (180 lb)
Electrical: 200-240 V, 50/60 Hz, 1500 VA

System Software

DVS Control Software

• Live data view and plotting
• Full control over all parameters
• Powerful custom methods and sequences
• Complex isotherm or isobar experiments
• Temperature changes in a single experiment
• Ramp or step methods available
• Intelligent (dm/dt) or time-based step equilibration criteria
• Multiple concentration or temperature cycles.
• Automated video image or Raman spectra acquisition

DVS Analysis Software

• Automated isotherm calculation
• Full kinetics information during experiment
• Isotherm modeling
• Enthalpy (heat) of adsorption
• Permeability and diffusion modeling
• Surface area models

Software Options



Control software Advanced analysis suite
Standard analysis Isotherm analysis suite

Key Benefits and Applications

  • The only purpose-built system to measure carbon capture properties of materials in real-world conditions
  • Employs specially redesigned, patented Speed of Sound Sensor for accurate real-time precision
  • Open stainless steel stand design enabling easy access to sample pan while minimizing static electric charging
  • Broad temperature range (5-85 °C) with a single, uniform, and accurate temperature enclosure
  • Sample heater enabling local temperature control up to 300 oC, for activation, drying, etc.
  • Heated reservoir for extended humidity generation (98% RH up to 60 oC and 85 %RH up 85 oC), with fully automated temperature control
  • Next-generation control and evaluation software for the most advanced experimental design and data analysis
  • Optional accessories to enable Raman or NIR spectroscopy as well as video
  • CO2 and H2O sorption and desorption isotherms & kinetics
  • Independent multicomponent control and mixing
  • Optional in-situ sample preheating/drying to 300 °C
  • Multiple sorption/desorption and sample drying or activation cycles
  • Sample masses from up to 5000 mg
  • Surface and bulk measurement capabilities and analyses
  • Carbon capture
  • Post-combustion capture
  • Carbon sequestration
  • Temperature/moisture swing sorption
  • Direct air capture
  • Solid sorbent characterization
  • Education & Academics
  • Energy
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Food & Beverage
  • Environmental
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
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