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VJ Electronix - Summit 2200i

Our rework system boasts user-friendly 1-2-3-GO software and efficient convection heating, along with proprietary software for product traceability and profile sharing between VJE systems. Automated features enable the reworking of large components, while non-contact site scavenging ensures the safe removal of residual solder. This system provides a reliable and efficient solution for rework processes.

Rework done on the Summit 2200i with Auto Align results in reliable, repeatable processes with greater system up-time, machine utilization, and a faster ROI.

Key Features:

  • 4.0kW/7.8kW Convection Bottom Heater
  • 2.2kW Focused Convection Top Heater
  • 01005 -120mm Component Range
  • 0.0005" Placement Accuracy
  • 65mm/80mm Square FOV
  • Multi-lens Optics & Digital Split Imaging
  • Motorized & Programmable X,Y & Θ
  • Automatic Non-Contact Site Scavenging
  • Automatic Component Alignment (Including components >100mm)
  • Automatic One-run Profiling

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Technical Specification

Placement 0.0005” (12µ) mean + 3σ
Top Heater 1.6 kW- Convection top Heater with 2.2 kW Boost Heat Mode
Bottom Heater 4.0 kW /7.8kW Convection Bottom Heater
Field of View 65mm/80mm Square FOV
Max. Board Size 455 x 560mm (560 x 760mm optional)
Min. Component Size 0.005” (0.12mm)
Compliance CE mark

For further details, please refer to enclosed brochure.

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
VJ ElectronixWe are an advanced electronics manufacturing equipment supplier providing intelligent imaging applications, X-ray inspection, PCB rework solutions and services for a variety of electronics and industrial markets worldwide.