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DKSH Business Line Specialty Chemicals Industry is a leading chemical distributor and global provider of Market Expansion Services for business partners in the graphics, electronics, paints and coatings, polymers, fibers and adhesives and industrial specialties industries.

We provide specialty chemicals to manufacturers in the paints, coatings, inks, polymers, engineering plastics, adhesives, rubber, agrochemical, petrochemical, packaging, graphics, technical film and other specialty industries.

We help our customers to develop new innovative products and applications in collaboration with our valuable suppliers and our team of specialized staff.

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As a leading Market Expansion Services provider, distribution and logistics are the essence of our business.

We also provide financing, sales and marketing to complete our core service offering.

You additionally benefit from a range of tailored value-added services to support your growing needs including:

Applications Laboratory

Canada Lab

Your Partner in Specialized Solutions

DKSH believes that a continuously changing market needs cutting-edge approaches to achieve optimal results.

Our technical experts located at our applications laboratory in Toronto, Canada combine creativity with technical know-how and extensive knowledge of market trends. From concept to bench formula development and scale-up support, we are there to assist every step of the way in a wide range of applications with capabilities ranging from mixing of mortars, dry mixtures, admixtures and other blends for construction and coatings applications.

Research & Development services:

  • Custom product formulation for new concepts
  • Formulation enhancement for existing products
  • Lab scale / Scale-up support

Testing service following industry standards:

  • Ingredients, final products, benchmark studies
  • Wet and cured property testing
  • Stability testing

Innovation & Formulation

Innovation & Formulation

Innovation & Formulation

We develop cutting-edge products and formulations from our network of 16 state-of-the-art specialty chemicals innovation centers. We generate ideas, ensure compliance and provide technical training to increase market coverage for our clients. Our business partners benefit from a range of tailor-made solutions that reduce time to market and increase competitive advantage. 

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We provide instant access to markets around the world, including the major chemical producing countries. Our comprehensive network of over 60 sourcing specialists procures hard-to-find ingredients and chemicals and identifies reliable alternative sources for specific quality, price, quantity and delivery needs. We also act as an early trend scout to share knowledge of latest developments and technologies, ensuring our business partners remain one step ahead.

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The regulatory landscape around the world is far from homogeneous. It is becoming increasingly complex as many countries introduce new systems and certification schemes to safeguard their economies. Keeping abreast of these changes can become very time-consuming for companies looking to expand in different markets. Our network of on-the-ground regulatory specialists have a deep understanding of regulatory environments and provide a range of support services to ensure our business partners are compliant. 

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Our Digital team supports you to drive business growth through digital transformation.

Through an integrated network of digital systems, DKSH embraces operational agility and applies advanced analytics to better understand industry trends and the needs of its customers.

DKSH supports its business partners to market and sell their products through an omni-channel approach involving digital marketing automation, industry-specialized marketplaces and DKSH Discover, a portal for specialty chemicals and ingredients.

All of these services combined enable DKSH’s business partners to stay ahead and remain competitive.

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