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FluidScan is a handheld Infrared analyzer for lubricant and grease condition and contamination monitoring

The FluidScan® 1000 series handheld Infrared oil analyzer provides direct quantitative measurement of a lubricant’s condition and plays an important role in Machine Condition Monitoring  (MCM) for proactive and predictive maintenance in Reliability Management programs. It determines when oil needs to be serviced due to degradation of the oil chemistry or contamination by other fluids such as water or the wrong oil. It is compliant with ASTM D7889 “Standard Test Method for Field Determination of In-Service Fluid Properties Using IR Spectroscopy”.

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Key Features

Accurate determination of oil degradation
The FluidScan correlates to TAN and TBN measurements made with the ASTM D664 and D4739 titration methods.


Simple results display and data handling
The device software displays interpreted test results, including oil health determination. Data can be exported to companion software, including the AMS OilView LIMS module.

It is compliant with ASTM D7889 “Standard Test Method for Field Determination of In-Service Fluid Properties Using IR Spectroscopy.”

It also fulfills the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants for Reciprocating Internal Combustion Engines (NESHAP RICE) requirements for extending oil change intervals in engines and back-up generators when used in conjunction with the MiniVisc 3050 Portable Viscometer.

The portable FluidScan 1100, when used in conjunction with OilView software, enables route based oil analysis, which integrates with other widely used predictive maintenance technologies such as vibration and thermography. The 1100 plays an important role in predictive maintenance and Machinery Health™ management by measuring water, total acid number (TAN), oil oxidation, glycol, total base number (TBN) and other parameters. In addition, the unit’s patented flip-top design speeds test preparation and cleanup.

The route-based capability of the FluidScan® 1100’s operation allows the device to virtually eliminate mislabeled samples and long wait times for laboratory analysis. Furthermore, results highly correlate to TAN and TBN laboratory tests conducted with ASTM D664 and D4739 titration methods and water tests with the ASTM D6304 Karl Fischer Titration Method.


ASTM Compliance

  • ASTM D7889 Compliant- “Standard Test Method for Field Determination of In-service Fluid Properties Using IR Spectroscopy”
  • High correlation to KF water, TAN and TBN laboratory tests
  • Reproducibility and repeatability comparable to benchtop FTIR method ASTM E2412
  • Data analysis compliant to ASTM E1655

Easy to use

  • Needs just one drop of oil and one minute to test
  • No solvents required to clean
  • Color coded alarm levels

Simplify work flow with route-based oil analysis

  • Eliminate mislabeled samples and long response times from labs
  • Generate sampling routes for walkaround oil analysis using AMS OilViewTM software
  • Achieve high levels of data integrity with seamless upload of data into OilViewTM

Comprehensive Fluid Library

  • The 1100 is available with over 500 fluids in the on-board Oil Library for immediate, out-of the-box operation, and additional oils can be added to the oil library by the end-user
  • Results for critical properties such as TAN, Oxidation and water contaminationfor industrial lubricants and TBN, water, oxidation, nitration, sulfation, glycol and soot for engine oils.

Fluid Manager desktop application provides:

  • Report capability
  • Device synchronization
  • Data backup
  • Asset Manager databas

Introducing the Fifth Generation FluidScan Portable Oil Analyzer

Spectro ScientificSpectro Scientific was founded in 1983 as Spectro Inc. and is one of the largest worldwide suppliers of oil, fuel, and fluid analysis instruments to industry, military and laboratories. With over 8000 instruments sold, and customers on six continents, Spectro Scientific is a leader in the field of condition based maintenance and oil in water analysis. Spectro Scientific, an ISO 9001:2015 company, develops a broad array of fluid analysis instruments for evaluating machine and lubricant condition in the field, in the lab and in highly mobile, handheld applications. The instruments provide critical data about machinery condition and can provide an early warning of equipment failure. Our core businesses are oil and grease analysis, fuel analysis and oil in water analysis for regulatory compliance.