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LubeTrak compiles individual MicroLab oil reports into a consolidated database of historical information. This allows fleet managers to view and manage their MicroLab oil analysis results across the entire fleet. This fleet-level view can be used to assess the health of the entire fleet to optimize maintenance program and practices.

LubeTrak’s web-based, subscription data management system provides pre-configured reports and the option to custom-design reports. LubeTrak offers companies an on-line reporting solution to view, track, trend and share oil analysis results throughout your organization. The dashboard graphics provide an equipment overview, consolidates the latest results, and shows ‘red-flag’ problems.


LubeTrak™ Data Management Software

Data from MicroLab and CoolCheck instruments can be uploaded to LubeTrak.

Complete Sample History In One Place

  • Dashboard summary data for quick assessments
  • sort by date, equipment type, condition (severity) or site
  • Mobile access


  • Email alerts
  • Customized reports

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Spectro ScientificSpectro Scientific was founded in 1983 as Spectro Inc. and is one of the largest worldwide suppliers of oil, fuel, and fluid analysis instruments to industry, military and laboratories. With over 8000 instruments sold, and customers on six continents, Spectro Scientific is a leader in the field of condition based maintenance and oil in water analysis. Spectro Scientific, an ISO 9001:2015 company, develops a broad array of fluid analysis instruments for evaluating machine and lubricant condition in the field, in the lab and in highly mobile, handheld applications. The instruments provide critical data about machinery condition and can provide an early warning of equipment failure. Our core businesses are oil and grease analysis, fuel analysis and oil in water analysis for regulatory compliance.