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With a payload of 1000 kg, the L1000 is one of the most powerful autonomous mobile robots (AMRs). Designed to handle the heaviest workload in various facilities, as well as optimize intralogistics efficiency and throughput in warehouses, it automates the movement of goods, racks, and pallets.

The YOUIFLEET management system enables fleet collaboration across up to 1000 AMRs under one system, enabling a true 'light-out' operation.


  • Navigates dynamic environments efficiently
  • Meet the safety standards of the industry with cost-effective AMRs
  • Return on Investment is rapid

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Technical Specification

Lifting Payload 1000kg
Run Time 8h
Size 1061*838*300mm
Navigation Logic SLAM/QR Code
Max. speed 1.5 m/s No-loaded; 1.0 m/s Full-loaded
Rated speed 1.2 m/s No-loaded; 0.8 m/s Full-loaded
Lift parameter 360° rotation & lifting; Max. Elevation: 60mm
Drive model Two-wheel differential drive

Key Features

  • Real-time human-robot collaboration is enabled by full enclosure security
  • Custom audio and lighting for various scenarios with notifications
  • Safety bumpers and humane emergency stop designs ensure safety
  • An integrated debugging panel facilitates quick troubleshooting
  • Stable center of gravity design guarantees goods' safety during transportation


L1000, the most powerful AMRs with a lifting capacity of 1000kg

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
YouibotYOUIBOT Robotics is a world-leading mobile robot solution provider. We are proud of our Fusion SLAM navigation mobile robots and intuitive software products. Youibot provides integrated turnkey solutions for clients across automotive, FMCG, consumer electronics, semiconductors and warehousing. We build mobile robots specifically for reliable automation solutions that drive business efficiency and growth. We're trusted by over 250 clients and over 40 local partners across APAC, Europe, America and MENA. We've deployed 5000+ AMR for industry leaders such as Michelin, Meta, DHL, TMSC, etc.