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The B300 Mobile Robot is a cost-effective solution for industrial logistics, capable of integrating with various top modules (rollers, racks, etc.) for various material transport tasks in warehouses, cleanrooms, and production lines.


  • Various Interfaces for Top Module Integration
  • Safety Design for Emergency Override
  • High Cost-Effectiveness

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Technical Specification

Design Feature For Integration
Run Time 8h
Size 780*550*290mm
Integration Interface I/O, Ethernet, WLAN, Power
Turning diameter 800mm
Max. speed 1.5 m/s
Rated speed 0.8 m/s Full-Loaded forward;
0.4m/s No-Loaded/full-loaded backward
Battery capacity 48V 30Ah

Key Features

  • Highly flexible integrated interface provides the possibility of multiple functions
  • Stable and supportive integral structural design provides easy debugging and integration

  • Fully enclosed safety design enables real-time human-robot collaboration in operation

  • With customizable sound and light systems for customizable notification in different scenarios

  • Incorporating the latest generation of modular design layout for mobile robots


The B300 Mobile Robot is a cost-effective solution for industrial logistics

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
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