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Schleuniger machine

In today’s manufacturing environment, companies need to focus on productivity, quality and accuracy as well as space optimization and energy savings to meet the requirements of their customers. This is why we focus on the machining process and provide time studies, feasibility studies and test cuts to develop the most competitive solution for you. 

In addition to standalone machines, we also provide you with turnkey and automation solutions integrating different machining technologies into one system. We offer you proven machining solutions from world-renowned manufacturers for various industries.

Our partners

We partner with world class suppliers in providing innovative technology and best in class products in the industry.

Our products

Our services and solutions We provide the following services and solutions to enhance your competitiveness

Process optimization services:
Our application engineers support you with computer-aided manufacturing program optimization, fixture design and tool selection. Through process optimization, our engineering team can help you to increase the productivity of existing machine tools to produce higher quality parts in less time.

New product development services:
In today's fast-changing environment, product life cycles have shortened dramatically. To maintain a competitive advantage, using a flexible manufacturing system with advanced materials and sophisticated tools is indispensable. Our engineering team can help you develop new manufacturing processes and select suitable production models according to your needs.

System integration services:
We provide complex system engineering services that connect industrial robots to different machine tools and equipment so that your entire workflow is automated, efficient and reliable. We offer a-complete turnkey solutions including machine tools, automation systems, tools, fixture designs and program settings.

Spindle repair services

Spindle repair services
DKSH Singapore offers a state-of-the-art facility to repair and recondition your spindles. We provide spindle repair service with vibration analysis and field balancing application to ensure your machine always remains quiet, accurate and achieves good surface finish. Working together with top equipment and parts suppliers, we deliver high-quality repair services and unrivalled access to all necessary parts.

Please note these services are only available in Malaysia and Singapore.

Additive manufacturing solutions
DKSH offers an integrated solution to facilitate your transition from conventional to additive manufacturing. Our consulting services help you define the right roadmap and identify the right usage cases. Our multi-disciplined experts understand the different types of additive manufacturing and functional applications that can help you overcome challenges arising from a wide span of applications and industries.

Please note these services are only available in Korea, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Our special services

Spindle Repair

DKSH offers a state-of-the-art in-house facility to repair and recondition your spindles. Working together with top equipment and parts suppliers, we deliver high-quality repair services and unrivalled access to all necessary parts.


Join us at our workshops to learn more about your equipment and how you can utilize them to the fullest. Our service manager will also provide you with tips and tricks to maintain your equipment and keep them working for a longer period of time. Customized workshops can also be conducted upon request. 

CNC machinery relocation services

We understand the need for complete care and flexibility during the relocation of your machinery. With our unparalleled skills and experience in this industry, we are well-equipped to carry out your tasks efficiently and effectively.

Third party services

Besides our partner brands, our experienced engineers are also able to repair your instruments and perform calibration and preventive maintenance services. Give us a call for more information.

Services we offer

  • DKSH-Technology-After-sales-services-installation-and-commissioning

    Installation and commissioning

    For new system installations, we ensure a quick and efficient start up. Our experts will be at your site when you power up the system.

    • Visual inspection of unit and installation
    • Performance verification testing
    • Operator training
    • Ensure unit is functioning properly with your equipment for optimal performance

  • DKSH-Technology-After-sales-services-calibration-services

    Calibration services

    Why calibrate?

    • Improve machine accuracy and keep your machine tool in specification
    • Reduce hours to mechanically align a machine
    • Accurate machines save money
    • Regular calibrations will help recognize abnormal wear and tear
    • Produce more accurate and precise results

  • DKSH employee working with machinery

    Preventive maintenance

    Ensure your systems always function at their optimized condition with our regular maintenance services. They can also increase the life span and productivity of your instruments.

    • Performance verification testing based on recommendations by the manufacturer
    • Complete system and functionality testing
    • Improve performance and extend component life

  • DKSH-Technology-after-sales-services-repair-services

    Repair services

    A full range of repair services are available should the need arise. Our qualified and certified specialists provide timely and efficient servicing for your instruments whenever, wherever you need us.

    • Fast repair turnaround
    • Reduced instrument downtime

  • DKSH-Technology-after-sales-services-spare-part-supply

    Spare part supply

    We only use original spare parts and never compromise on quality. You can therefore always be sure that your device will continue to meet all of the required specifications even after repair.

Hans Laser 2D laser cutter

We have helped many business partners to succeed in the Asia Pacific markets. Learn how we have supported them to create new opportunities and become market leaders.

Asia is getting ready for industry 4.0. Let our experts keep you informed of industry and market developments, so you can benefit from their first-hand knowledge.

Alex Lalumiere Director Client Sales of 3D Printing Asia Pacific  Japan HP Inc. and Hanno Elbraechter Head Business Unit Technology DKSH

HP partners with DKSH to increase availability of HP’s Multi Jet Fusion technology in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

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We participate in major exhibitions in Asia to promote latest machine tool technologies from leading manufacturers. View our upcoming events.

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