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DAIHAN - Premium Rotary Evaporator RVE-05

0.5-5Lit. Premium Rotary Evaporator “RVE-05”, Vertical-type, 195mm Electric Lifting with 2.5Lit. Heating Bath(Optional : 5.5Lit. Bath), 10~300rpm, Cooling Surface 1,600cm2, 10-Steps Immersion Angle Automatic Reverse Rotation Function

  • With certificate & traceability : controlled by serial number, certificate, delivery-information, and traceable data base system
  • Ideal for distilling(mixed) solvent, condensation solution, and suspension, concentrating liquid, re-crystallization dry powder and granulate, synthesizing chemical, soxhlet extraction, etc.
  • Can be used with optional 5.5lit. water-/oil-bath : 0.5~5lit. flasks can be used with one rotary evaporator unitand an optional bath. 
  • Automatic reverse rotation function : clockwise or counter clockwise
  • Adjustable wide immersion angle : 10 steps from -10º to +40º
  • No grease is needed for the flask connection of vapor duct
    due to teflon & viton o-ring gasket.

Technical Specifications

Condenser type Vertical-type
Flask Capacity Evaporating: 0.5-5lit, included 1lit. evaporating flask. Available in 500-/1000-/2000ml flask with included standard 2.5lit. bath. Available up to 5000ml flask with optional 5.5lit heating bath.

Receiving: 0.1-3lit, included 1lit. receiving flask.
Rotation speed 10-300rpm
Evaporating capability 51.6 ml/min
Cooling surface 1,600cm^2
Heating bath capacity & temperature range Standard (included): 2.5lit water bath, up to 180℃, for 0.5-2lit. evaporating flask external(215×205×h179mm), internal(197×187×h117mm)

Optional: 5.5lit water/oil bath, up to 220℃, for max 5lit. evaporating flask external(324×269×h209mm), internal(305×250×h118mm)
Power consumption Rotation motor(100W), heating bath : included 2.5lit water bath(1,200W/220V, 1,100W/110V), optional 5.5lit. water/oil bath(1,500W/220V, 1,100W/110V)
Dimension & net weight 510×438×h519(max. 714)mm, 16kg
Electrical reqts. AC220V, 50/60Hz or AC110V, 60Hz

Key Features

  • Evaporator and Heating Bath have the individual Digital Control System.
  • Separable Bath Structure from Digital Controller for User Safety and Convenience
  • Embedded Heating Elements for Bath
  • High Cooling Surface Condenser : 1,600cm2, 51.6ml/min
  • Adjustable Electric Automatic Lifting : Up to 195mm to Accommodate Changing Flask
    • Programmable Prefer Height
    • Digital Display the Height for User Convenience
    • Automatic Raising when Power Error for Sample Protection
  • Rotary Evaporators can be Set with Circulation Aspirator Pump
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Education & Academics
  • Medical
  • Pharmaceutical
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