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Dynamic Biosensors - Biosensor analyzer - DRX2 Series

The double color DRX2 analyzer offers the simultaneous measurement of two different species of probes on the same biochip electrode. Each sensor spot carries two nanolever sequences, one with a red tag, and one with a green. The instrument tracks the movement and position of the different nanolevers separately and simultaneously. This technology offers novel methods of investigation including same-spot controls, dual binding modelling, ideal for bispecifics and Proof of Action experiments with two nanolevers to play with, using one nanolever for capture and the second for detection.

Technical Specifications

Limit of detection 10 fM
Dissociation constant 50 fM – 1 mM
Association rate constant 1E3 – 1E8 /Ms
Dissociation rate constant 1E-6 – 1E0 /s
Hydrodynamic diameter accuracy 0.1 nm
Temperature 8° – 75°C (chip), 10° – 40°C (autosampler)

Key Features

Functional Principle of The Unique switchSENSE Technology

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  • Pharmaceutical
Dynamic BiosensorsDynamic Biosensors is a provider of instruments, consumables, and services in the field of analytical systems for the characterization of biomolecules and molecular interactions. They are located in Martinsried, south of Munich, a vital center of Europe‘s biotechnology industry.
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