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Idex - Fluidic Fittings - Fittings Tools

Our Fittings Tools are designed to assist you with your connections. Our Extender Tools are excellent choices to aid it the imperative tightening process. can be used to tighten most of our knurled nuts in hard to reach places. For precise tightening, the extender tools listed with 1/4 inches hex drives are designed to adapt to any torque wrench with a female 1/4 inches socket, such as the VHP-4000 Torque Driver. Our durable wrenches are slotted to fit over 1/16 inches and 1/8 inches outer diameter tubing, and have 1/4 inches and 5/16 inches internal hex ends. Our wrench is designed to engage with the heads of the hex-head fittings most commonly used with our valves and stainless steel fittings. For your convenience, we offer wrenches in three easy to use standard sizes. Our tools also feature FlushNut™ wrenches, used to tighten the FlushNuts. Our Removal Tools are specifically designed to detach LiteTouch® and Super Flangeless™ Ferrules from tubing. Simply slide the appropriate tool blade slot between the lock ring and the ferrule body. With a slight twist, the ring will pop off, releasing the ferrule from the tubing. Please Note: This Removal Tool will not work with the LT-135 Ferrule System.

Available models

Our Extender Tool is extremely effective in getting to hard to reach places. Our extender is used to tighten most of IDEX Health and Science's knurled nuts. Each extender tool is specifically designed. 

  • Extender Tool for Micro Headless Nuts
  • Extender Tool for Micro Nut Knurl with 1/4 inches Hex Drive
  • Extender Tool for Standard Micro Nuts
  • Extender Tool for Micro Female Nuts with 1/4 inches Hex Drive
  • Extender Tool for Standard Head Nuts with 1/4 inches Hex Drive
  • Extender Tool for Headless Nuts with 1/4 inches Hex Drive
  • Extender Tool for Headless Nuts
  • Extender Tool for Delrin® Flangeless Nuts
  • Extender Tool for Flangeless Nuts
  • Extender Tool for Short Flangeless Nuts
  • Extender Tool for Fittings with 8 mm Hex heads
  • Extender Torque Wrench for Micro Headless Nuts (adjustable torque)

Our Flush Nut Wrench offers durability and strength and is used specifically for different Threaded Fittings.

  • FlushNut™ Wrench for 1/4-28 Threaded Nuts
  • FlushNut™ Wrench for 10-32 Threaded Nuts

Use this Removal Tool is specifically designed to detach LiteTouch and Super Flangeless Ferrules from tubing. Easy to use, find the correct tool blade slot and slide the tool between the lock ring and ferrule body. Twist slightly and the ring will pop off releasing the ferrule.

Our Wrench is designed specifically to engage with hex-head fittings of most commonly used Valves. Our Open End Wrench offers durability and convenience. We carry the most common size wrenches used in liquid chromatography labs.

  • IDEX Wrench with 1/4 inches and 5/16 inches internal Hex ends, for 1/16 inches and 1/8 inches tubing outer diameter 
  • Open End Wrench for 1/4 inches and 5/16 inches hardware
  • Open End Wrench for 1/2 inches and 9/16 inches hardware
  • Open End Wrench for 3/8 inches and 7/16 inches hardware

Our Standard Knurl Torque Tool consistently delivers 4 in -lbs. (0.45 N-m) torque. This line of tools is designed for VHP Fittings but can also be used with any fitting that has the Standard Knurl heads.

Our Swaging tool is used to work with specific fittings. Use this tool by placing in a vice, then tighten tubing, fitting, and ferrule into the tool as you would into any port. Once removed, the swaged ferrule will be held in place on the tubing.

  • Swaging Tool for 6-32 threaded fittings
  • Swaging Tool for TinyTight Fittings

This convenient pack of 5 units of Blades are specifically for the A-327 polymer tubing cutter.

Our VHP Wrench is a breakaway torque wrench designed to deliver a precise amount of torque to the fitting system. It is for 1/4 inches Hex Style heads. Our VHP Fingertight Tool is designed specifically for tightening 1/4 inches Hex Head VHP Fittings.

  • VHP Wrench for 1/4 inches Hex heads, torque delivers 10 in-lbs. (1.3N-m)
  • VHP Wrench for 1/4 inches Hex heads, torque delivers 14 in-lbs. (1.58 N-m)
  • VHP Fingertight for 1/4 inches Hex heads
  • VHP Wrench for small 4 mm Hex Head of M4 threaded fittings

Our VHP Torque Driver couples with specially designed Extender Tools and provides an externally adjustable torque setting. Along with the appropriate extender tool it will tighten any knurled polymer fitting it your system.


Tightening Torque Adjustable between 2 to 12 in-lbs. (0.23 to 1.32 N-m)
Use w/Head Style Extender Tool 1/4 inches Hex Drive
  • Biopharmaceutical and Biotechnology
  • Chemical
  • Cosmetics & Personal Care
  • Education & Academics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Medical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Powders & Pigments / Coating
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