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The NorCom 2020-WL inspects MEMS and other wafer level devices for both gross and fine leaks simultaneously while automatically rejecting all leaking devices. The system accepts up to an eight inch wafer that can be optionally loaded into the machine on saw frames measuring up to eleven inches square.  The equipment is easy to setup and use, and the results can be networked to an SPC system for tracking all devices tested. It is ideal for leak testing any wafer level device that has an internal cavity. The system can inspect up to 1000 devices per cycle in both the singulated and un-singulated states.

Key Features

  • Simultaneously tests for fine and gross leaks
  • Can inspect up to an 8″ wafer on or off the saw frame
  • Inspects MEMS and other wafer level devices
  • Provides Statistical Process Control (SPC) for tracking of test results

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NorComNorCom Systems, Inc. manufactures the NorCom 2020 advanced optical leak test system for hermetically sealed packages. The NorCom 2020 provides automated, in-line, full matrix gross and fine leak testing performed simultaneously with direct measurement of package leak rates in cc-atm/sec. Package types include MEMS, PC board-mounted devices, Hybrids, crystal oscillators, and Hi-Rel.