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The ATV SRO-716 series standalone IR vacuum reflow ovens are the benchmark for R&D, low volume pilot line and medium volume batch production. The system produces high quality results with outstanding process stability and repeatability. Configuration dependent, process capabilities include: flux-less soldering, eutectic die attach, gold tin soldering, void-free soldering, hermetic lid sealing, formic acid processing and flip chip soldering etc.

Key Features:

  • Small Footprint, Freestanding Vacuum Reflow Oven
  • Touch TCs with Quick Swap Hotplates
  • Maximum Temperature 450°C, (optional 700°C)
  • Temperature ramp-up rate 3.5K/sec
  • Up to 100 process steps per profile recipe
  • Automatic Chamber Opening / Closing
  • Optional Top Heating
  • Heated Area: 314 x 314 mm
  • Oxygen < 1 ppm
  • Optional High-Pressure Atmosphere: up to 3 bar (abs)
  • Formic Acid, H2 or Solder Paste Activation

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Technical Specification

Footprint 960 x 760 x 1800mm (LxWxH)
Weight 240kg. (minimum configuration)
Chamber height up-to 100mm
Heated area 314 x 314mm
Chamber lid open/closing automatic lid closing/opening and locking/unlocking,
Heating method IR (12pcs. Lamp Array)
Heating Zone 3 Zones

For further details, please refer to enclosed brochure.

  • Semiconductor, Solar & Electronics
ATV Technologie Gmbh

Founded in 1982 ATV Technologie GmbH is an international player in the field of micro electronics focussing on manufacturing and distribution of vacuum soldering devices and processing ovens.

With an expert team of engineers and physicists rooted in precision mechanics, eletronical and mechanical engineering ATV Technologie GmbH designs and develops a product range at the highest level of quality. Universities, institutes, laboratories and leading production companies worldwide appreciate our customized solutions. 

ATV offers long-standing experience in designing and manufacturing high-end process systems featuring precise temperature control and excellent homogeneity for semiconductor technology and micro electronics as well as a worldwide network of special representatives who will take care of on-site sales and service.