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Next-generation and time-tested capabilities are combined in this upgraded system to increase productivity by up to 50% over the top-selling Spectrum® ll, all in a space-saving footprint. Improve UPH with swift acceleration, enhanced motion control, and IntelliJet® compatible Forte MAX dual-valve dispensing.

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Key Features

  • A space-saving footprint for maximum production floor efficiency.
  • 1.5 g acceleration for blazing fast point-to-point moves.
  • Forte MAX – IntelliJet ready, dual-valve dispensing for optimal throughput.
  • Patented* real-time skew correction for better wet dispense accuracy and yield.
  • Fast, repeatable setup with automated calibration.
  • Closed-loop controls and data traceability keep your process on point.
  • Advanced Canvas® fluid dispensing software.
  • Industry 4.0 Connectivity Ready – Integrate Nordson dispensing equipment with your FIS or MES using the ASYMTEK NE Connect API and Software Developer Kit (SDK) standard in Canvas software.
  • Essential – An invaluable single-valve system that easily tackles high-volume printed circuit board, flexible circuit, MEMs, and electromechanical assembly applications with outstanding productivity and accuracy.
  • Productivity – Accelerate throughput with Forte MAX dual-valve jetting and patented* real-time correction that automatically adjusts for skewed parts and component height variation in the x, y, and z-axis.
  • High Yield Productivity – The High Yield Productivity system addresses the fundamental process challenge of speed vs. accuracy by combining Forte MAX dual valve capabilities with a precision scale for maximum productivity and accuracy for optimal yield.


Effortless Programming and Insight with Canvas Software

Canvas fluid dispensing software simplifies programming tasks and provides insight and control over your process.

  • Graphical programming – scan a workpiece and simulate dispensing results on a virtual canvas.
  • Guided wizards – provide easy step-by-step setup instructions.
  • Quick-reference graphing and data tiles – provide efficient access to system sensors, process controls, and data.
  • Offline programming – program on the system or offline in your office to avoid production downtime.

Boost Fluid Dispensing Throughput With the Asymtek Forte™ Max System With Real Time Skew-Adjust

Shifted parts and varied component height won’t slow you down. Your dual-valve system is equipped with patented* real-time correction to automatically adjust for skewed parts and component height variation in the x, y, and z-axis.

Nordson Electronics SolutionsNordson Electronics Solutions is a leading provider of plasma processing technology to various industries such as semiconductor, PCB, microelectronics, solar, LED, and medical & life science device manufacturing. The company has global presence with offices and labs in several locations including California, Florida, Europe, Singapore, China, Japan, Korea, India and Taiwan. Nordson Electronics Solutions has been continuously innovating for more than two decades and offers a range of patented plasma processing systems that have won awards. The company also has a team of expert scientists and engineers to help develop plasma processes that enhance product reliability and production yields.