Performance Materials

DKSH is a leading specialty chemicals and food ingredients distributor and global provider of Market Expansion Services for business partners in the specialty chemicals, food and beverage ingredients, pharmaceutical ingredients and personal care ingredients.

We obtain the best products at the most advantageous prices and provide instant access to markets around the world through our comprehensive network, global relationships and sourcing offices, strategically located worldwide.

We develop cutting-edge products and solutions in our 53 state-of-the-art innovation centers to allow us to meet the ever-growing needs of our customers, create opportunities for our clients and strengthen our competitive advantage.

We research, develop and launch new product ideas and value-added formulations thanks to the deep industry expertise, application know-how and innovative approach of our over 1,650 specialized staff in 33 markets.

This enables our over 275 clients, 1,850 suppliers and a wide range of customers to benefit from strategic market insights, reduced operating costs, decreased time-to-market intervals, competitive prices and new revenue opportunities.

Our vast and constantly growing geographic reach in Asia Pacific, Europe and North America allows us to speak the local languages and understand the local business environments to enable business partners to expand in new or existing markets. We have been providing Market Expansion Services for nearly 160 years.

We are committed to providing service excellence through sourcing, inbound logistics, product formulation and application, marketing and sales, distribution and logistics and after-sales services. Grow and expand your business with DKSH.

Market Expansion Services across the performance materials industry Innovative specialty chemicals and food ingredients through Market Expansion Services

What DKSH can do for you Expand your markets with DKSH Performance Materials

We provide all essential services from global sourcing, marketing and sales to distribution and after-sales services.
We offer total supply chain management, including regulatory services, which allow us to optimize processes, develop new products and accelerate innovation cycles.

Local announcements

  • DKSH, a leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia, and Diamond V, the world’s leading supplier of nutritional fermentation products, jointly campaigned in Thailand to increase awareness of pathogen risk control solutions for the animal care industry.

Our services at a glance

DKSH is the one-stop-shop for specialty chemicals, food and beverage, pharmaceutical and personal care companies looking to grow their business worldwide. Our vast and constantly growing global geographic reach – prime focus being on Asia Pacific, Europe and North America – means that we speak the local languages and understand the local business environments.

We offer tailored services that create new opportunities for clients and customers including:

With 41 sourcing offices worldwide, we provide the reliable sourcing of raw materials by offering instant access to markets around the world for hard-to-find ingredients and alternative sources.

Our 53 state-of-the-art innovation centers formulate winning solutions enabling our partners to innovate for growth. Our experts harness their deep industry expertise and innovation capabilities to generate, develop and customize product ideas, find new ingredients and technology applications, provide hands-on training and run acceptance tests to cut time-to-market for our business partners’ products.

We develop market access strategies and turn ideas into success. We innovate new marketing ideas and concepts and create new market opportunities for existing specialty chemicals and food ingredients, in accordance with local regulations. 

We provide exceptional distribution opportunities for chemical producers around the world, and especially in Asia, through our vast and constantly expanding global footprint.

We also offer a complete inbound logistics service for raw materials with just-in-time delivery and customized repackaging, including quality assurance, safety and compliance with industry regulations.

We care about new products and accompany them all the way.

Besides our core services, we also offer a range of specialized services:

For our clients, we provide registration and regulatory consulting services to ensure fast and efficient market entry for specific products or product portfolios. Our local regulatory experts will make sure that our business partners’ products comply with local and complex regulations in their target markets.

For our customers, we offer a global supplier qualification and certification program to ensure a safe and sustainable supply of raw materials. Based on our acknowledged supplier evaluation, we provide in-depth quality information and improve supply and product quality from existing and new suppliers.

We also offer a full range of selected own-brand products with an undivided quality promise to ensure consistent product quality.

We help our key clients to grow their businesses in the most effective way by ensuring strategic alignment with our organization on a global level and guaranteeing seamless communication via a single point of contact. Together, we find new business opportunities and ways to make them happen in the markets by leveraging on DKSH’s global coverage in all major chemical markets. Through this service, key clients are provided with detailed and transparent business reporting in state-of-the-art key client reports, consolidating information about total global collaboration. In addition, our Marketing Information Services specialists provide you with market and business intelligence to understand the global and local markets better and support strategic decision-making.

Why partner with DKSH Clients choose to work with DKSH for its solution-driven business model

  • Food & Beverage

    Innovative food and beverage ingredients, formulations and services

  • Personal Care

    Innovative personal care and cosmetic ingredients, formulations and services

  • Pharmaceutical

    Innovative pharmaceutical ingredients, formulations and services

  • Specialty Chemicals

    Innovative specialty chemicals, formulations and services

  • DKSH innovation services

    Innovation services: production innovation, formulation support, technical consulting

  • DKSH sourcing services

    Sourcing services: technology scouting, supplier identification, supply chain outsourcing

  • DKSH Safety, Environment, Quality and Regulatory services

    Regulatory services: regulatory consulting, supplier certification, product registration

  • Information services via smartphone

    Information services: key client reporting, marketing intelligence, market research

Performance Materials Event Calendar

We raise awareness of our clients, services and product portfolios within our many served industries by strategically exhibiting at a variety of trade shows worldwide. In order to support the expansion of our clients’ businesses in new or existing markets, we also host and co-host technical seminars on product, formulation and innovation topics. 

Find out where we will be next with our useful event calendar.


Did you know that...?

Facts and figures

Success stories

  • Cooking Up the Finest Chocolate Recipes in Japan

    Cooking Up the Finest Chocolate Recipes in Japan

    A newly-opened Japanese chocolate retail store turned to DKSH when it needed something special to entice consumers. The result was a customized chocolate product and a unique recipe developed at Condirama Japan, DKSH’s innovative confectionery training and development center in Yokohama, Japan.

  • Image courtesy of Handmade Heroes

    Introducing Natural Bakuchiol as the Hero Ingredient for Natural Skin Care in Malaysia

    All-natural skin care brand in Malaysia gets the hero treatment with bakuchiol, a plant-based ingredient with anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial properties.

  • Honeywell regains position as number one supplier of synthetic wax additives in Australia

    Honeywell is a Fortune 500 industrial-tech company with about 110,000 employees and 900 sites across the world. DKSH Australia began their relationship with Honeywell in April 2019 to explore the wax additive market in Australia.