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SMASHER® is a high performance bag blender, that ensures sample homogeneity before microbial detection or identification tests. 

This innovative automated system is part of a complete sample prep solution which offers fully automated systems for food microbiology laboratories: Dilumat for automated sample dilution, and Masterclave range for culture media and broth preparation.

SMASHER® system relies on the patented Smash technique. It crushes the sample in record time and then automatically adjusts its mixing speed for a perfectly homogenised enrichment broth.

A study conducted by an independent laboratory showed that the SMASHER® tested at 15 and 30 second blending times made it possible to obtain results similar to those of the compared blender tested at 60 second blending time.

Key features

Between 15 and 30 seconds are needed for a perfectly homogenized sample.

19 to 30 times less noisy than other commercialized peristaltic blenders.

Paddles can be easily removed for cleaning, and an integrated waste drawer ensures that spillages are contained.

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