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Lamsystems - Biological Safety Cabinets - Class lll

The Class III Biosafety Cabinet is designed to work best with risk group 4 microorganisms. The gas-tight enclosure ensures the safety of the environment and the worker from the specimen that is being studied.

The Class 3 Biological Safety Cabinets  are also called Gloveboxes, due to work being conducted using arm-length gloves. These gloves are fixed to the cabinet glass which completely isolates the environment from the ongoing process inside the chamber. 

A Class III Microbiological Safety Cabinet provides a barrier between the specimen being examined and the user examining it. Prior planning and previous experience in the operating of such specimen will make the use of these cabinets successful.

Key Features

  • Three High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters - The cabinet ensures maximum safety for the user and the environment.
  • Long butyl gloves - They are attached to the ports of the cabinet in a way that permits their changing without the risk of contamination.
  • The air inside the chamber passes the two HEPA filters before being discharged outside.
  • An independent exhaust system outside the work chamber - It ensures that the pressure of the cabinet is negative.
LamsystemsLAMSYSTEMS CC is the largest manufacturer in Russia and CIS countries of specialized hi-tech equipment and associated products used for creating dust free abacterial air environment in medicine, pharmaceutics, microelectronics, food industry and nanotechnology. The company manufactures equipment to protect product, personnel and environment from aerogenic contamination: Laminar Flow Cabinets and Microbiological Safety Cabinets.
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