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The SP2000 analyzers automate all manual handling steps in the procedure of an application such as sample dilution, capping / de-capping, liquid handling, mixing, addition of reagents etc. Skalar has automated the following applications:

  • Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD) according to ISO 6060
  • Test kit applications including ST-COD according to ISO 15705, pH, Conductivity (EC), Alkalinity, Acidity, Hardness, Carbonate / Bicarbonate and other titrations, Turbidity and Color, Ion Selective Electrode (ISE) measurements
  • Particle size distribution analysis in soil
  • Bitterness and other parameters in beer/wort
  • Sample preparation techniques (filtration, distribution, pipetting etc.)

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Available models

Key Features

  • Bottle capping and de-capping
  • pH measurement and adjustment of original sample
  • Sample pipetting
  • Addition of Nitrification inhibitor (ATU)
  • Addition of Seed
  • Addition of dilution water
  • Sample homogenizing
  • Sample aerating
  • Measurement of Dissolved Oxygen value DO1 and final DO2 value
  • Probe / stirrer rinsing between each measurement
  • Calculation of BOD value according to EPA 405.1, ISO 5815-1, EN-1899-1/2, Standard Methods 5210 B, DIN 38409 etc.

Key Features

  • Sample tube pick up
  • Sample tube capping and de-capping
  • Pipetting of the sample
  • Sample mixing
  • Sample positioning in heating reactor
  • Sample homogenizing
  • Photometric measurement COD concentration

Key Features

  • pH probe calibration
  • Addition of extraction solution
  • Sample stirring
  • Pre-defined sample settling times
  • Measurement of pH
  • Result calculation

Key Features

  • Automatic barcode scanning for sample ID check and to gain the analysis parameters
  • Automatic capping and de-capping
  • In-line sample filtration (clean samples) or external via paperband filter allowing analysis of particle laden water samples
  • Automatic stirring
  • Automatic rinsing of probe, stirrer, draining needle, filters and flow through cells
  • Result calculation
  • Dual titrator, for higher sample throughput
  • Unattended overnight analysis

Key Features

  • Degassing of the samples
  • Capping and de-capping of the sample tube
  • Sample dilution
  • Addition of reagents
  • Mixing and measurement of the absorbance
  • Data handling and result calculation

SP2000 Robotic Water Analyzer

SP2000 Robotic Beer Analyzer

  • Environmental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical
SkalarSkalar, the world leader in wet chemistry technology, offers over 300 proven applications utilizing various combinations of automatic dilutions, additions, mixing, heating, dialysis, extractions, distillation, digestion, phase-separation, hydrolysis, ion-exchange/reduction and more. Skalar has developed a proven systematic approach to provide a quality system starting with complete applications engineered on customer samples to provide the best possible configuration to the customer needs and requirements, training and installation by qualified specialists and complete application and service support.
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