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The PrimacsSERIES provides fast, reliable, accurate, and low-level analysis of Total Nitrogen / Protein, Total Carbon, Total Organic Carbon, Total Elemental Carbon, and Total Inorganic Carbon all in one unit.

The measurement of TC, TOC, TEC, and TIC is based on high-temperature catalytic combustion with Non-Dispersive Infrared detection (NDIR). The temperature settings are variable and a special temperature ramping program allows the analysis of TEC, according to DIN 19539. The TN/Protein analysis is based upon DUMAS methodology and detection with Thermal Conductivity (TCD). TIC can also be determined separately using automatic acidification and purging. All systems come with a practical and flexible software package, with pre-installed method files, user-definable sample table set up, integrated QC features, etc.

The analyzer contains a large integrated 100 position autosampler with a unique vertical sample introduction system. The sample ashes remain in the crucible after the analysis and are taken out to the instrument with the removal of the crucible. This avoids sample ash build-up in the combustion zone and therefore reduces maintenance.

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Technical Specifications


Measuring range 0.02-200mg C abs
Analysis time Approx. 3-5min for TC/TN or TIC
Sample size Solid: up to 3g
Liquid: up to 1000mg (uL)
Furnace temperature Combustion oven 1200 °C
2-Zone Oxidation/Reduction oven 750/600 °C
TIC reactor at 150 °C
Software SN-Access
Carrier gas Helium gas supply (99.995%)
Combustion gas Oxygen gas supply (99.995%)
Power requirements 220-240V 50-60Hz
Weight 120kg approx.

Key Features

  • Analytes TC, TOC, TEC, TIC, TN / Protein
  • Suitable for solid samples and liquid samples
  • 100 position autosampler
  • Sample weights up to 3 grams
  • Automatic balance interfacing
  • Reusable ceramic sample crucibles
  • High temperature combustion with NDIR detection (Carbon)
  • Dumas methodology and TCD detection (Nitrogen) environmental friendly alternative for Kjeldahl determination
  • Range 0.02 – 100 mg N (abs.)
  • Range 0.01 – 200 mg C (abs.)
  • Methods according CEN, ISO 10694, NEN-EN 131137, AOAC 990.03, AOAC 992.15, AACC 46-30, ASBC, DIN 19539

Primacs SNC100 Carbon Nitrogen analyzer

  • Environmental
  • Food & Beverage
  • Pharmaceutical
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