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The system design of the EcoCcore combines all the benefits of a solventbased cleaning system with extremely simple operation.

With the EcoCcore system, the Ecoclean company has designed a solvent cleaning machine which is perfectly tailored to satisfy these requirements. The system offers maximum flexibility and high capacity with respect to throughput and volumes, with optimized cost efficiency as the result.

Maximum flexibility and high capacity with enhanced cost efficiency. The system design of the EcoCcore combines all the benefits of a solvent-based cleaning system with extremely simple operation.

Technical Specifications

System dimensions (WxDxH) 4663x1938x2821 mm.
Loading height 850 mm.
Total connected load 53 kW.
Operating temperature 55–85 °C

Key Features

  • A higher load capacity: increases throughput and lowers unit costs.
  • Adaptable operation: with hydrocarbons and modified alcohols for changing production conditions.
  • Optimized system technology: for improved part cleaning.
  • Exceptional ease of maintenance: smart modular construction facilitates ease of maintenance.
  • Intuitive system operation: a new HMI panel with clearly laid out process tracking which includes integrated partial visualisation.
  • High flexibility: via a variety of available load compositions, combination filter housing and component preservation options.
  • Machinery & Manufacturing
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