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DKSH is the leading growth partner for over-the-counter (OTC) and consumer health companies in Asia. Our experts provide a range of Market Expansion Services across the entire value chain, ranging from importation and customs clearance to marketing.

Our hospital and doctor coverage and into optical, dental and even home care channels across Asia. Our network approach reduces reliance on wholesalers and provides our clients with more direct access to the customer and, in turn, consumers. We are constantly innovating our service offering by investing in platforms such as e-commerce channels.

Our strong marketing expertise helps move products from the shelf to the consumer’s hand. Tailor-made solutions range from shelf management programs, customer and consumer loyalty schemes to category management, merchandising and field marketing services.

Headquartered and publicly listed in Switzerland, our local experts provide services to over-the-counter and consumer health companies in 12 Asian markets: Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.

What DKSH can do for youTrusted partner for OTC and consumer health companies

Pharmacy employee DKSH Over-the-counter (OTC) & Consumer Health

We also help our customers (chain pharmacies, personal care stores, hospitals, clinics) to grow their business in new existing markets by providing access to high-quality products, staff training and customer services like consignment inventory management at the customer level.

For companies wishing to license products in the Asian markets, we are a proven partner through stand-alone entities such as Medinova, Favorex and BiO-LiFE brand-owning businesses based in Switzerland and Asia.

Our services at a glance

We are experts in business integration and can support you at every stage of the product life cycle, from pre-launch regulatory support, product launches to full services for mature and non-core brands. Under our full-agency business model, we take charge of the whole value chain. You can also work with us on selected services.

Market entry

We use our in-depth market knowledge and insight to open up new markets for your products.

Our market entry services include:

  • Registration
  • Market research and competitor analysis
  • Importation and customs clearance

We go to the extra mile to market with our fulfillment services include:

  • Credit control, invoicing and collection
  • Pharmacovigilance

Activation and measurement

We have the capability to turn shoppers into buyers by developing engaging activities for customers in both modern and traditional trade.

Activation services we provide include:

  • Trade marketing
  • Field marketing (merchandising, brand activation, in-store services, shopper engagement, mystery shoppers, promoter advisors)

Our experts use modern tools to continuously measure the impact and fine-tune the strategy where necessary.

We provide the following measurement services:

  • Market insights
  • Measurement surveys

Specialized regulatory consultancy

We provide registration and regulatory consulting services for food supplements, cosmetics and healthcare products and devices. Our regulatory affairs experts maintain ongoing liaisons with regulatory authorities, manage our clients’ dossiers, process a large number of marketing authorizations on behalf of our clients and safeguard their interests.

Regulatory services we provide include:

  • Regulatory feasibility assessment
  • Labeling requirement assessment


  • Dossier preparation
  • Compliance check
  • Product sample submission
  • Dossier submission
  • Registration follow-up and monitoring
  • Regulatory approval
  • Post-marketing:
  • Marketing Authorization (MA) holding, maintenance and transfer
  • Variations (minor and major)
  • Renewal
  • Advertising compliance check

Specialty services:

  • Technical services
  • Operational services

Why partner with DKSH

Clients choose to work with DKSH for a number of reasons

  • DKSH delivery

    Our healthcare experts go the extra mile for your success

  • DKSH in-depth market knowledge

    We create localized strategies based on in-depth market knowledge

  • Hospital reception

    We can duplicate success across our Asian markets

  • DKSH employee compliance inventory check

    As a publicly listed company in Switzerland, corporate governance and compliance are at the heart of our operations

  • Warehouse weight checking

    Our quality experts safeguard the integrity of your products across the value chain

  • DKSH modern tools

    We empower our sales force with modern tools to grow your business

  • DKSH office

    We gain further efficiency through operating one of the largest SAP platforms in Asia

  •  IT room

    We run a reliable IT backbone with sophisticated business continuity and disaster recovery plans

  • DKSH customer care

Key facts about DKSH in OTC and Consumer Health

DKSH has a proud history of serving healthcare companies in Asia.

8,000 healthcare specialists

550 healthcare clients

Over 100 clients in over-the-counter and consumer health

Healthcare experts in 13 markets in Asia

30 healthcare distribution centers in Asia

100 business locations

Success stories

  • Flooding in Thailand

    DKSH’s D-Pack system optimizes packing and minimizes environmental impact

    DKSH’s D-Pack delivery cube is an innovative packing system that helps the environment by minimizing the usage of plastic and reducing waste in the packing and distribution process. It also optimizes material usage and provides protection for goods stored inside the box.

  • Communication key to supplement probiotics growth

    Communication key to supplement probiotics growth

    A probiotic product achieved double-digit growth thanks to DKSH’s help in increasing market awareness and consumer communication.

  • Repositioning men’s health product in Taiwan

    Repositioning men’s health product in Taiwan

    A manufacturer of men’s health products got help from DKSH to reposition one of its products in the Taiwanese market and reach more consumers.

  • Fresenius Kabi steps up sales and marketing activities to take lead in enteral nutrition

    Fresenius Kabi steps up sales and marketing activities to take lead in enteral nutrition

    Having recognized the growing demand for special nutritional products in Hong Kong, Fresenius Kabi engaged DKSH to help them establish a stronger market presence.

The business performance of our brand in the Hong Kong market has been tremendously successful. There is no doubt that the strategic thinking and diligent operation of the team in DKSH have contributed to the substantial growth and penetration of our brand in the local market.

Eduard R. Dörrenberg, Managing Director, Dr. Wolff-Gruppe

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