Procurement Transformation Services


We support our clients across the entire sourcing lifecycle from sourcing strategy, vendor management, provider selection, supply risk management, implementation, and governance.

With the unmatched experience of navigating around the complex environment of managed services transactions, we help our clients to optimize their operations, wide resource, and manage vendors in alignment with core business objectives. Through designing and structuring the right mix of e-platforms, robust process, vendor management, and governance, with our services, clients will be able to go beyond cost cutting and achieve their strategic business objectives.

We use our proven methodology to define strategic sourcing strategies that identify sourcing opportunities, and help clients evaluate vendor capabilities that will support business requirements.

Our strategy provides a holistic view of the sourcing landscape based on our deep understanding of global sourcing solutions, industry needs, service provider capabilities, procurement strategy, and emerging technology trends. Our recommendations balance both long term strategic goals and short-term tactical priorities grounded in an understanding of our clients’ vision, key business drivers, and constraints. We then prioritize the client’s requirements to develop a roadmap with recommendations, milestones, and timelines for implementation.


Our area of expertise

Identify opportunities and optimize procurement services

  • Offer systems and processes to limit risk and that ensure accountability, transparency, sourcing governance and value for money
  • Assist in developing specifications and pre-qualifying suppliers
  • Manage tenders and procurement activities through e-Platform and doing the negotiations to ensure fairness.
  • Centralizing the Procurement process, establish and maintaining compliance and integrity standards, reduction of risk for uncompliant, unethical and biased practices.
  • Achieve savings from volume consolidation, competitive bidding, risk safeguarded contracts

We offer you

  • A team of dedicated sourcing specialists who share their knowledge and latest trend of market
  • Opportunity for savings via DKSH extensive vendor network and market insights
  • Transparency of the procurement process guaranteed by a third party
  • Establishing and maintaining compliance and integrity standards, reduction of risk for uncompliant, unethical and biased practices and risk-safeguarded contracts  
  • Increasing quality of goods and services through increased transparency and competition and optimizing wide resources
  • Third party compliance program apply for all critical vendors and high-risk categories
  • Tested and proven process leading to increased efficiency


Benefits of our services