• Introducing PSPhere – DKSH’s Cloud-Based Platform Connecting Patients With Healthcare Professionals

    Introducing PSPhere – DKSH’s Cloud-Based Platform Connecting Patients With Healthcare Professionals

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    Total quality management for cold chain at DKSH

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    Listen in to Bijay’s interview with “Leaders in Supply Chain and Logistics”, where he discuss healthcare market trends and growth opportunities.

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    Reach new Asian markets with your pharmaceutical products

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    Expand your business in Asia’s fast growing over-the-counter and consumer health segments

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Healthcare Growing healthcare businesses across Asia

DKSH is a leading provider of Market Expansion Services for pharmaceutical, over-the-counter (OTC), consumer health and medical device companies seeking to grow their business in Asia Pacific and Switzerland. We provide a wide range of integrated and customized solutions, including registration, market entry studies, marketing and sales, redressing, physical distribution, as well as invoicing and cash collection.

Headquartered and publicly listed in Switzerland, we have a strong local healthcare presence in 16 markets.

In our nearly 160 years in Asia Pacific and Switzerland, we have built a capillary distribution network of unique scope and depth that includes thousands of professional healthcare outlets such as hospitals, clinics, doctors, pharmacies, drugstores, dentists and optical outlets. We can also tap into our network of retail outlets if required and develop new channels, such as eCommerce.

With the deep market knowledge provided by our healthcare specialists, as well as our commitment to international quality standards and corporate compliance, we set the benchmark in Asia Pacific and Switzerland.

Market Expansion Services across the healthcare industry Deep industry expertise in all markets

What DKSH can do for you Trusted partner for healthcare companies

Whether you are completely new to, expanding within or already well-established in Asia, we allow you to focus on your core competencies while driving your growth across the region. We understand that one size doesn’t fit every situation. With our deep industry expertise and broad local knowledge, we can develop customized and integrated solutions for your business success across Asia.

We currently support 500 clients from the healthcare industry, including companies like Bristol-Myers Squibb, Roche, Alcon, Medtronic, Sanofi and Bayer.

They understand the need to partner with a seasoned expert that has a deep understanding the market, has strong connections with customers and key stakeholders and, most importantly, can get their product into the hands of the end-consumers. We are committed to delivering the results you need to be successful. This is why, on average, our clients work with us for more than ten years and at least three Asian markets.

We also help our customers (chain pharmacies, personal care stores, hospitals, clinics) to grow their business in new and existing markets by providing access to high-quality products, staff training and customer services, like consignment inventory management.

For companies wishing to license out products in the Asian markets, we are a proven partner through stand-alone entities such as Medinova, Favorex and BiO-LiFE brand-owning businesses based in Switzerland and Asia.

Our services at a glance

We are experts in business integration and can support you at every stage of the product life cycle, from pre-launch regulatory support and product launches to full services for mature and non-core brands under our full service solutions business model or work with us on selected services.

Market entry

We use our in-depth market knowledge and insight to open up new markets for your products.

Our market entry services include:

  • Registration
  • Market research and competitor analysis

We go to the extra mile to market with our fulfillment services include:

  • Tender management
  • Pharmacovigilance

Activation and measurement

We have the capability to turn shoppers into buyers by developing engaging activities for customers in both modern and traditional trade.

Activation services we provide include:

  • Trade marketing
  • Field marketing (merchandising, brand activation, in-store services, shopper engagement, mystery shoppers, promoter advisors)

Our experts use modern tools to continuously measure impacts and fine-tune strategies where necessary.

We provide the following measurement services:

  • Market insights
  • Measurement surveys

Specialized regulatory consultancy

We provide registration and regulatory consulting services for food supplements, cosmetics and healthcare products and devices. Our regulatory affairs experts maintain ongoing liaisons with regulatory authorities, manage our clients’ dossiers, process a large number of marketing authorizations on behalf of our clients and safeguard their interests.

Regulatory services we provide include:

  • Regulatory feasibility assessment
  • Labeling requirement assessment


  • Dossier preparation
  • Compliance check
  • Product sample submission
  • Dossier submission
  • Registration follow-up and monitoring
  • Regulatory approval


  • Marketing Authorization (MA) holding, maintenance and transfer
  • Variations (minor and major)
  • Renewal
  • Advertising compliance check

Why partner with DKSH

Clients choose to work with DKSH for a number of reasons

  • DKSH delivery

    Our healthcare experts go the extra mile for your success

  • DKSH in-depth market knowledge

    We consult based on in-depth market knowledge

  • Hospital reception

    We can duplicate success across our Asian markets

  • DKSH employee compliance inventory check

    As a publicly listed company in Switzerland, corporate governance and compliance are at the heart of our operations

  • Warehouse weight checking

    Our quality experts safeguard the integrity of your products across the value chain

  •  IT room

    We run a reliable IT backbone with sophisticated business continuity and disaster recovery plans

  • DKSH Business Units

Did you know that...?

Success stories

  • Clearer Days Ahead for Glaucoma Patients in Malaysia

    Clearer Days Ahead for Glaucoma Patients in Malaysia

    A leading anti-glaucoma eye care solution provider collaborated with DKSH in Malaysia to raise public awareness and to get more patients to get their eyes checked regularly.

  • Improving Awareness and Support for Rare Diseases in Hong Kong

    Improving Awareness and Support for Rare Diseases in Hong Kong

    A leading rare disease pharmaceutical brand in Hong Kong collaborated with DKSH to step up public awareness programs while improving diagnosis and patient access in the market.

  • Customer Care Proves Critical for Healthcare Services During a Pandemic

    Customer Care Proves Critical for Healthcare Services During a Pandemic

    Amid the logistics and movement restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 situation, the DKSH Customer Care Medical Device (CCMD) team in Thailand took quick action to ensure that we were able to continue delivering lifesaving medical devices to our healthcare customers throughout the market.

The business performance of our brand in the Hong Kong market has been tremendously successful. There is no doubt that the strategic thinking and diligent operation of the team in DKSH have contributed to the substantial growth and penetration of our brand in the local market.

Eduard R. Dörrenberg, Managing Director, Dr. Wolff-Gruppe